Ex-best friend (girl)

Few years ago my ex-best friend told me to make a fake facebook account to catch her bf cheating red handed by blackmailing him. I asked her why can't she make it? Why is she making me do it? She said because she was work. I didn't believe her to be frank. I sensed her lies, but since she's my best friend, I did it. I made a fake facebook account and told her she can take over.

I never cared to be frank. I let it go. I gave her the e-mail address and the password. She took over and I was out of the business. However, after half a year passed by I went back to the facebook account to check. I saw the messages and realized, this harassment can get me in trouble if they tracked my computer. That moment I realized what my so called "best friend" did to me. She took our friendship for granted. Now, everything between us is awkward.

I let go of that long time ago. Until one day, I received a call. A girl called me and told me to pay for the pell grant. Honestly speaking, when she spoke I knew who it was behind the voice. My own best friend called for fraud. She wanted her money back that was spent through her own will. Not on me, but our friendship. That day, everything was over. I lost the trust in her. I never wanted an another best friend for life.

If I ever get in legal trouble, I have the proof for my innocence.

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