I love you

Ok so i kind of a crush on this girl at my school. but theres a problem i am a a girl too and she has a boyfriend, and even if she did'nt i am not nearly good enough for her. she is funny, interesting, weird. beautiful, and not the fake tan,clown makeup, fake kind, the real kind. ok so i lied, i am compleatley f****** head over heals in love with her. i hate this, why cant i like a guy, why can't i just be normal. no i don't because if i was'nt bi then well i wouldnt like her. i just can't believe that i will never be able to tell her, to be with her, spend my life with her..i love her.

May 20, 2012

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  • You are normal.

  • Oh my goshh this is so cute.talk to her, become her friend and maybe something could happen.

  • i think its sweet of u

  • AW so cute just talk to her u dont have to tell her ur feelings but u can just talk about school, teachers music etc...

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