My fun day

I was peacefully asleep after a night of abusing drugs and women. Then I woke up at noon and decided to s*** all over my self. Once I had s*** myself I walked down the street and found a young boy. I pulled my pants down and grabbed at my loaded ass crack with my trembling sun spotted hands, and pulled out a handful of warm poo. The young lad got scared and started to run away. I chased after him and tackled him to the ground. It was then that I made him eat my handful of s***. He got up battered and bruised, screaming in protest. I told him to shut his mouth, but he didn’t listen; so I took out my knife and stabbed him in his lung. As he stumbled off coughing up blood I laughed at his misfortune. When he fell to the street writhing in his own blood and mucus I walked up to him and told him that I was going to his house to rape his mother and eat his father. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he died rite there, with me jacking my c*** unto completion. I pulled out his power ranger’s wallet and got his ID, and walked to his parent’s house. Opening the door to the house I found the old man watching the news. It was about my dastardly deed. I laughed out loud and got his attention. He ran to the kitchen, got a large knife and proceeded to lunge at me with it. I grabbed his arm and slowly forced him to stab himself in his stomach; but not before I had un-panced him, and shoved my thick member deep into his scared a******. The feeling of him dyeing on my c*** was incredible. Making good to my plan I took his knife and cut out his tender loin in his lifeless back. I then took out some oregano, salt, thyme, and garlic powder; all the while getting a sauté pan up to temp. I put some butter in the pan. Halfway through cooking his wife came in and said, “Umm honey that smells good”. I walked around the corner and forced a plastic bag over her head. She struggled for air and I just laughed louder and louder. When she passed out I tied her face down on her husbands’ b***** corpse. I finished cooking my evil dinner. I set the table for one. I savored every bite, and washed it all down with some chocolate milk “probably the boy’s milk”. The thought of him never tasting his precious milk again made me smile. I then went into the boy’s room and f***** all of his stuffed animals, c****** in every single on of them, especially the giraffe. I f***** that stupid giraffe extra hard because I saw a picture in the den of him holding it with his mother and father smiling gaily beside him. His mother had awakened in the next room and was vomiting all over herself. I walked in while still f****** a stuffed bear doll and asked her if she liked hermit crabs. She looked at me all confused. I smacked her face and repeated myself. She said that she didn’t know what a hermit crab was; so I scalped her and furiously sodomized the stupid b****. I then went outside and danced naked in the moonlight. When I came back inside I found her dead; so I took her credit cards and ordered a bunch of books on cassette off the internet. I had them sent to my house; and for the next 10 years I enjoyed many timeless classics, all of which were narrated by Mike Rowe.

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  • You need serious help. Moron. You think anyone believes this kind of stupid s*** ?

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