I'm anorexic and proud of it.

I'm anorexic and proud of it.

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  • Perfect! You should be!

  • I don't know how old this site is but I'm going to post anyways. We are all in need of control. Some of us are depressed. Do you know where that depression comes from? It's negative horrible people that tease us or call us fat and maybe too skinny. If you want to help people with eating disorders be kind. Offer support give us links to sites that might help us. You calling us b****** is crazy. How do you think that would help? Why do you think we got to this point? It's because of people like you. You telling us to eat is like telling a smoker not to smoke. Or an alcoholic to stop drinking. Would you call these people b****** and c****? We realize what this can do to our bodies just like smokers know that it causes cancer or alacholics can drive drunk kill people or themselves and serious liver damage. Before posting next time please step back and look inside yourself. None of us are perfect and we don't pretend to be. Mean comments will only fuel the fire.

  • All these people who commented negative things dont understand. Im anorexic and im proud! They dont understand. Anorexity is not taking over, its depression, plus people who comment these mean comments are another reason why. We are'nt doing anything bad! God made us this way!I'm proud of what i am! I am ME! <3

  • That's because anorexia is controlling your mind. No anorexic wants help or to even admit that they have a problem until they are forced to get help. I felt like I had complete control in the beginning. I was proud of being anorexic- I thought that I had good "will power" but after time, anorexia took control of me. It was and still is ruining my life.

  • how can you be proud of that?
    you know it can kill you?
    please seek help asap.

  • Proud of being anorexic? That is a new one. Anorexic b****** look like S***!!!!! They think they look good all stick thin like that, take my advice, no one wants to see your clavicle sticking out through your shirt. You all look nasty! If you want to be attractive eat some f****** FOOD!!!!!!!!

  • You're jealous, because you're fat and have no will power.

  • Lies, and slander

  • Anorexia is a label thought up by fat obese b****** who lack self esteem in order to trick us into thinking that there is something wrong with us. This obese fatties want us at their level. Anorexia is awesome and ur body looks so great try not eating a whole ham fat girls. I love being a skinny b****

  • anorexic b****.

  • You're disgusting and no one finds you beautiful except other anorexics and sick f****.
    Eat a f****** sandwich.

  • Another jealous fatty

  • How can that make you proud. I'm not anorexic and still everyone automatically thinks I am and that makes me feel like crap. How can I not let this get to me. How do you react with people if they degrade you.

  • me too!

  • I'm proud of you keep on being what you don't listen theses people they do not know what they are talking about

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