I wish i was anorexic, and my family wants me to be anorexic. Because i look ugly enough to embarass them in public, i'm saying this because they said that to me.

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  • I would love to come and f*** the s*** out of your wife. Trust me I could seduce her so fast it would make your head spin around like that girl in the Exorcist movie. She will forget all about after I plow her kitty for her. You'll be History!

  • Uh... wrong post, fucktard

  • Lets all have a pity party now. So what you are large? Who gives a turkey? Why don't you sit on them and smash them flat with your huge butt. If I miss read this and your just plain ugly I'm sorry try putting a bag over your head. Hope things work out for you. Be safe use a paper bag not plastic ok?

  • Become anorexic so that you end up breaking every bone in your body tripping over a pet hair and die. Then we don't have to listen to any more of your insecure-teenager whining.

  • Nonsense. Anorexic girls ARE ugly. Overwhelming majority of men (not some 15-year old kids) don't like slim or anorexic women. This is a fact. If you are slightly overweight, that's so cute. :)
    I refused to date with two girls both of whom made not only first but also second and third step (literally I didn't even have to put an effort) just because they were too thin, eg. 170 cm & 50 kg.

  • That is really great to hear.
    I starve my gf. Sometimes she feints.

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