Tired of being fat.

Sometimes I wish I had the willpower to be anorexic. I'm 17, 5'3", and 165 pounds. I don't think it would hurt for me to stop eating. Who knows? It might actually do me some good.

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  • Fat ass is very nice

  • When I first considered anorexia as a method of losing weight, the internet gave me a million reasons to not do it. It didn't matter - they were strangers. I did it anyway. I am doing it.

    For a long time I thought I was stronger than anyone else because I was starving myself but it was NOT a disorder. I wasn't anorexic. I was in control. I could stop whenever I wanted - I would stop when I hit 95 lbs.

    Anorexia is an addiction, and you can't just stop when you hit your goal weight. It's not an option. If you accept anorexia as a method of weight control, you'll never love your body, no matter what it looks like.

    Please trust me.

  • Im 15 and 5'3" and weigh 175 but im comfortable the way i am if you dont loose those pounds naturally then exercising would be great . I walk myself to school and its 2 miles away , cut back on junkfood and eat less porportions . I used to wiegh 190 . Dont stop eating . it just f**** up your cycle of s*** in your stomach .

  • you should try exercising

  • Losing weight means burning more calories than you are consuming. Were you to walk an hour a day, 6 to 7 days a week, and you could break it up in 4 15 minutes intervals, you would lose weight and feel fantastic. I lost 50 pounds this way.

    You begin with, say, 10-15 minutes a day and gradually work up to an hour a day. You can walk in a room back and forth watching TV or listening to a radio. You can walk in a house from room to room, or you can go traditional and take long walks outside. When it rains you could walk inside to keep burning calories.

    You don't have to walk at a fast pace, just a comfortable, leisurely pace for an hour a day will burn sufficient calories for you to lose weight, and you might notice your appetite decreasing. Less than an hour is not as effective. More than an hour hastens the weight loss.

    I never could starve myself. For me burning more calories than I was consuming made more sense and felt far better. And the walking is sooo relaxing.

    This could be done with an exercise bike or a treadmill too, but with walking you are not confined to one space; so I found walking to be a better option. And to lose weight taking leisurely walks was so easy. The only hard part for some people is mustering the discipline to keep up a good habit.

  • The thing about anorexia is that should you go through with it, your metabolism will slow down due to your body thinking, "must be a famine going on; better save up what reserves I can". So more fat will be stored from what you eat. That aside from other health complications like osteoporosis, brain atrophy, tooth loss, cardiac arrest etc.

    You may have heard this all before, so I'm sorry if I'm telling you things you already know, but the best thing you can do if you want to lose weight is eat smaller, healthier meals more fequently throughout the day; most tips that I've seen recommend six small meals a day, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meat like grilled or baked chicken, turkey, etc.

    Just to let you know, I'm 23 (almost 24), a guy, 6'6'', 300 pounds, and have been dealing with self image issues all my life; so I know what you're going through and understand.

  • No good can come from not eating. Don't be so h****** yourself. There is nothing glamorous about anorexia/bulimia. Don't stop eating, just eat and exercise. Don't deprive yourself. Allow yourself everything, the key is moderation. Start liking yourself exactly how you are and where you are.

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