i am a 23 year old male.all of the

i am a 23 year old male.all of the people that come on here might think im lying but i am telling the truth.i swear and i need advice.me and my lady have been together for 2 years and i have wanted to have a threesome with her and another male or two males plus me at the same time.ive tried everything to get it out of my head. and we were going to try it but she was nervous and i was afraid of letting go and bein to jelous.i love her with all my heart but i really want to see her let go and be slutty im not sure why. ive told her about it and she was willing to do it just to make me happy and i told her to forget about it.i dont wanna lose her thats why we havent tried it.shes my life.i also dont want her to be hurt by it after the fact.i guess the reason why. is shes so sexy and i want to see her get someone else off or a couple of people she is so good at s** and sucking d***.i know it is so wrong but if i could watch her do two or three guys at once and do a video or take pics of the s** and the cumshots i think it would go away or maybe not.or of a man c****** in her mouth while i take pictures and she smiles at me with c** dripping of her lips. but shes not that type of girl shes just willing to do it to make me happy. i love you to death babe. i hope someone has a legitimate answer. no stupid f****** answers.

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  • I wish my boyfriend would ask me what you asked you girlfriend he would be died right now that's some nasty ass s***.Some people are soo gross.

  • Go for it man...forget these losers on here...they are probably jealous that they can't suck you off or something. That one guy probably got DP'd by his dad and his transvestite mom at the same time...that's why he is such a loser.

  • Dude - you need to stop downloading p***.

  • rapist

  • i got your f***** homie and if this wasnt anonymous and i had my d*** in your mouth with a .45 to your head i bet you would shut the f*** punk ass b****. ive probly had more p**** than youll ever see in a lifetime blood. and punk ass loud mouth b****** like you would be dead where im from in a ditch somewhere with your mouth and eyes sewn shut. and your mama in ablack gown cryin over your led riddin body blood f***** f** suck my d***.

  • LOSER. don't make your girlfriend do that. the only reason you want to do it is because you are secretly a f*****. no straight man likes DP videos where the c**** are touching. c********** f*****

  • Oh and also, you say you love her a lot. If she really doesn't want to do it after you guys having a good talk about it and you still feel like you NEED to, ask yourself if it is really worth chasing after if all it is going to do is hurt her and make her feel like she HAS to do it, to keep you happy. I really advise against you taking the answer "oh, I'll do it to make you happy" as a legitimate answer from her because females have a tendency to say that, and then afterwards feel like they had been pressured into saying that and doing it because they loved you, when it honestly made them feel like s*** in the end. Often, they only realize that later on and could even potentially feel like they've been used by their lover.

  • You probably have to have a really strong base of trust before you try this, otherwise things could get complicated. You talk about being afraid of being jealous? I have heard this from someone else too - he wanted to have a threesome with his girlfriend so badly, so they did and afterwards he was far too paranoid about his girlfriend thinking about other guys while having s** with him. It basically ruined them in the end. I'm not saying it's wrong, but you probably both have to be very trusting of each other before you do this. Have really good and thorough talks about your feelings about the type of s** - whether or not it's actual love-making (with feelings attached) or purely for sexual pleasure where only the sexual urges are driving you.

    Maybe if you find a guy that she doesn't find so attractive, that wouldn't make you feel jealous? Lol.

    So best thing to do, I think, have a really good talk, hear her out on all her feelings and take it slowly. If you decide to do it, start off with one guy and then if she likes that, you can add another guy in. And maybe before you do any of these things you could take pictures of her naked and film you guys having s** and see if she is comfortable with that, first and foremost.

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