I am a racist, and im fine with that

First, let me define racism as I see it (you may not agree, but this is how I use the term racist): The act of seeing specific races as inferior than some others.

I am also aware that race is not a biological term, but for a lack of a better word, I am using it.

I will start by saying what I think of each race and then tell some stories.

My view on the races are as follows:

Whites: Good with a few outliers who are honestly influenced by n******. Whites are an advanced race of people. The only other problem I see for whites is their attachment to Christianity, which is an emotional weakness stemming from childhood. This problem mostly just exists in the United States as Christianity seems to be thankfully dying.

Asians and Indians: Equal to whites, and to some extent, the same problem. You sometimes see Asians influenced by n******, and its unfortunate.

Hispanics: 50/50. Some of them can at least be decent people but I find the other half to be just as bad as n******

Black people: The bane of the civilized world. I have seen a few here and there that are reasonable, but my attitude is that I will treat you like an primitive animal until you prove you arent one. Not to mention, they are aggressive. This wouldnt matter if they didnt attack in numbers, as anyone knows, black men cant fight without their friends to help them. Black men are so weak.

Arabs: Their problem is with their religion, not so much anything else.

I dont really have an opinion on Jews. I dont like Zionism but not all Jews fall into this category

I live in a small city that you probably never heard of. It used to be a decent place to raise a family until the n****** moved in. Now, you can barely walk down the street without a group of n****** threatening to kill someone. They are always starting s*** with each other. They dont mess with me. Ive seen a few n****** walk down the same street as me, and they were alone. It seemed like a few of them tried to approach me and then backed off. Reason being, im actually a pretty big dude, and you can tell I have no tolerance for bullshit just by looking at me. These tiny little n****** couldnt stand 5 minutes with me. Even the bigger n****** seem like p******.

There was a n***** about the size of suge knight that I walked by this past summer. Hes bigger than me, he was in my way, so I walk by him and look him in the eyes and just gave him the dirties look ever, and he just f****** took it, because he only had ONE friend with him.


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  • Well, atleast you arent the type of racist that thinks ALL blacks are stupid hoodrat trash. sometime i wish i was white tbh

  • I agree with you about religion.

  • I am sorry I did not want to waste my time reading your post. But I must comment.I know of a very racist white guy who could not get his cute white wife pregnant.He told her to go and get a white guy to make her pregnant for him and she refused.She told him she wanted to get pregnant by a black guy and he laughed at her.He said there is no way his wife will be defiled by a black guy and get pregnant.
    Last month,she met a nice black guy on the street,f***** him within a week and got pregnant.She wanted to teach him a lesson.He is so humble now and wants to raise the kid as his own.

  • I'm white and I completely disagree with everything. I'm just racist against Jewish people because all the ones I know are a*******.

  • Idiot. Im a white girl and you are total j***.

  • I am also a white girl and I too think this is the most idiotic and insecure thing Ive ever read. Who gives a f*** if one f****** white dude is stronger or tougher than another black guy? The only one it matters to is you. Most of those black guys you speak of probably had no idea you were mentally challenging them. They probably thought you were wierd.
    I really dont care about any of it. I have dated blacks, whites, latino's, italians, indians, turks, asians and eastern europeans. I have found the majority of men pretty much the same in lots of categories. Some standouts in every color and race.
    Stop being so insecure and start living your life without the stress of whos on top. You will be much happier and maybe even get a little p****.

  • Guess your a little wimp without any friends

  • Guess your a limitless wimp with no friends

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