I find black people to be disgusting

I have never met a black person that didn't start the conversation by saying some stupid racist s***, like "you look like Bruce lee". It p***** me off that black people b**** and f****** moan about racism, just to see some black punk act racist towards other races.
It's disgusting to see a whole group of black people act like the monster they are perceived to be by other races. I mean throughout time and history, it just seems like the black race is nothing but a plague that brings chaos, hate and violence for little to no reason. And the fact that many black adults out there act like they should be entitled or treated like kings is bullshit.
Black people wonder why the world dislikes n******, know why ? It's because you treat all races including your own like utter complete s***. You people live like g****** animals.
Turning every neighborhood you people move into, into the s***** ass ghetto.

Quit blaming racism or f****** white people, you stupid b****** have been using the same excuse for decades ! Grow the f*** up and stop acting like a n***** and maybe the world will stop treating you like one !



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  • Am I the only person to actually agree with you? It's not racist, if somebody is know for telling bad jokes, complains to everyone because he is and then tells loads of bad jokes, it kinda justifies his name for telling bad jokes.

  • .......n******........jesus.....

  • If you find them so disgusting then why do you suck black d***?

  • Thats just like some racist a****** to talk s*** about blacks on a site where they can remain anonymous, instead of having the b**** to say it to their face .. your not fooling anybody we know this is you Mr. Trump .. Fck you too ..

  • Tut tut man,tut tut!!

  • I didn't read this load but I'm a white woman and I'm waiting on my black f*** buddy to get here and pound me with his big black cockk

  • ^Written by a black man.

  • Hahaha nope....and he f***** me good. :)

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