Inner demons

I am always faced with a choice in whether to help some on or let them suffer. But when i cant chose i hear voices they call me strange names like crimson guardian or the lost prophet. im not sure what happens but when its over i feel different like i had just broken free of a spell. im a strong christian, could this be satan, an angel, jesus, a spirit or almighty himself trying to contact me someone please help me.

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  • Just as the first commenter said, if it was God or an angel you would know it without a doubt. Since this isn't the case, demons are most likely trying to posses you.

    Now when i say posses I don't mean like Emily Rose. I more or less mean that you are being... persuaded to do ungodly things. But be mindful because persuasion can quickly turn into manipulation.

    To combat this you must be brave. Fear no evil, for you are a child of God and rebuke the demons in the name of Jesus. Pray for forgiveness of your sins and the courage to turn away from them. Repent.

    Try to put up christian decor in your house like the lords prayer on a poster or a cross here and there. All of this combined will either rid the evil presence or make it angry. If the voices get more aggressive remember to be brave and seek help.

  • The same thing happens to me! I cant sleep at night because i feel them (i call them my shadows) around me telling me to so stuff and trying to get in my soul, what should i do?

  • First, it sounds like you may need some form of medication and/or therapy. Second, you shouldnt seek God in a church. He has His word in the bible. and i believe thats whwre the Truth is. unfortunatly 'religious' groups will lead you astray. unless your an isrealite, youve been saved. you dont have to do anything for it. Grace saved us so we can believe. we dont believe to be saved.

  • If you are literally hearing voices in your head I would suggest seeking medical help as it may be a symptom of mental illness.

  • You're being harassed by demons. Since when has Jesus ever had trouble talking with one of His children? Tell them to "fall on your knees and be bound in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth". Also, search your heart to make sure there is no unforgiveness you are harboring. If there is, forgive them out loud in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. They will stop bothering you then. Find a good Bible-believing church, that honors Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit. If you don't know one, call the 700 club and ask for a referral. God bless you, and deliver you.

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