It's weird but.....

I need someone to give me a comeback to the insult "why do you suck so much d***." A bunch of prissy b****** called me saying that and giggling. I'd love for someone to give me an insult mean enough for them to cry. While you guys work on that, I'll try to keep my cool in case they decide to call back. Go team!

Dec 20, 2012

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  • "Ask your mom the same thing..."

  • You can either not react the way they expect you and say cause I love it. That will give them a shock or say your mum showed me how is done she said that's how she paid her bills all this time. The bst response is to pretend you don't care they want to p*** you off so don't let them.

  • Because your boyfriend doesn't like the way you do it. Your dad says your mom is no good at it.

  • First are you male or female and second why would you wanna make these girls cry and third i'm not helping without reason reason being what have they done to hurt either me or the rest of humanity

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