New Year's Resolution

You've had long enough to have done it on your own, your way, and you haven't done it. So, after the first of the year, after you've finished with your s***** little Norman Rockwell family farce, and the holidays have faded, and your in-laws have gone back to wherever the f*** it is they live, I'm going to make our relationship public. Very public. I'm tired of being the cheap piece of ass you keep on the side (on Christmas Day, I will have been on the side for exactly one year, so it won't exactly be a happy anniversary), and so I'm going to let your wife know about me. About us. And I'm going to let your children know, too. If you haven't done it by then, I'm going to wreck your family. And then you won't have an excuse anymore for not moving in with me. But even if you don't move in here, you won't be able to go home again. Ever. Trust me: if you don't handle this yourself, it isn't going to be pretty. You know I'm not bluffing: I always get what I want.

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  • If you had any self-respect you would simply end the relationship because it's not what you want. Instead, your anger, bitterness at life, and selfishness leads you to the point where you're going to make the lives of people that have never done a thing to you miserable.

    How about you look in the mirror and face the reality that YOU caused this, also, and simply end it.

    But, that would require an act of maturity, an act of self-control, and an act of taking responsibility for decisions you made.

  • a question: how big is the trailer you live in?

  • How is the rabbit stew?

  • You nasty piece of trash. If he hasn't divorced his wife properly yet, it's because he knows that you are the piece of s*** we all see. Leave this married man and his family alone, go scrub the w**** s*** out of your brain, and find someone less married. You w****.

  • exactly. trash. w****. you are precisely right.

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