"Don't touch me"

At school this girl thinks I want her but I'm dating someone.
She is one grade ahead of me and she knows that I won't do anything to stop her. She asked if she could come over , I said sorry I'm busy. She grabbed my shoulders and she made out with me until I got an erection. She unzipped my pants and grabbed my p****. I tried to get her hand off of it but she kept kissing me.
What should I do?
(I'm 16 in 10th grade)

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  • Kick her in the taco,she might kick you in the b**** after,you can go back and forth kicking each other in the groin,until one of you pass's out from the pain.

  • Obviously shes a s***, tell her you like your girlfriend and to leave you the f*** alone.

  • My suggestion is to be happy about it. My parents sure aren't going to let me have a girl till at least I have a descent job.

  • Rip her ass open and c** on her face then slap her

  • Punch her in her f****** teeth

  • Buy condoms.

  • F*** her....you'll regret it if you don't. Never waste an erection son.

  • Tell her to back of next time she makes an intimate move with you. Unless you want it. You don't want to have s** and then regret it. You don't want rape either. Tell her she's gorgeous and pretty, but that you're not interested.

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