Sisters knickers

Okay I need to get this off my cheast. I was at home alone one evening, my family had gone to the supermarket. I decided to gone onto an online web chat site, looking for a cute girl to talk to. Its a bit weird but used to do this alot before masturbating, i was 15 at the time.
so i went on and almost instantly i met this very hot women and she was strpping for me, as i was for her. I was getting so h**** and then she stopped and asked me 'do you have a sister?', and i do so i said yes (my sis was 13 then). Then the hot lady said she would only continue to strip for me if i got a pair of my sisters knickers for her, as proof i have one.
It was a bit weird but i went to get the knickers for her, after seeing them she she told me to play around with them over my d*** and finaly c** on them, im ashamed to say i did, but that isnt the worst.
After doing this with her knickers i started to notice them alot more round the house, in her draws, on the ironing board and in her dirty washing pile. One day i got back frpm school early and i really wanted a w***, on my way to my bedroom i noticed a pair of my sisters dirty knickers on the landing, i could see they were dirty by a small yellow smear on the inside. This gave me a b**** straight away. I picked up the knockers and ran into my room.
i straight away pulled down my trousers and started wanking with my 13 yr old sisters dirty knickers right up in my face. I was sniffing them very hevily. It took only seconds for me to o******, thinking that this small strip of fabric has been right up my sisters vag. Im asamed to say it was a very good w***, i havent been able to look at my sister in the same way since.
i dont know to do! I cant stop thinking that i orgasimed over the smell of my 13 yd old sis's vag.i still geta bit of a b**** thinking about it now! Horible thing is i have thourght about doing it again. How wrong is this and do i need help????

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  • My friend, no one is being hurt here, and I strongly suggest that you allow yourself to enjoy as many o****** as possible in this short time we have here on earth. I myself use my step-daughters' panties to stroke into all the time. I've probably c** into their little p****-stained cotton panties than I have into their mom's p****. I love the scent of p****, I'm addicted to it, and the strange truth is that both girls smell even better, stronger, and more arousing than their mom. Just get those panties and blow as many loads into them as you can.

  • I love wearing my sister's knickers bra and her school uniform. I wear them for my friend who likes my ass in her clothes. We mutually w*** and he's c** over my ass. It feels so good. I want him to f*** my ass.

  • A*** s** isn't for everyone. Some feel nothing but pain from it and others can get great o****** from it. If you want to try it, give yourself an enema first to get cleaned out and use a d****.

    He may want s**, or your mate may only be okay with the fun game of you dressing up in your sister's clothes and wanking. You may only be a substitute for your sister or another girl he likes. So in his mind, being with you dressed up as a girl is okay, but you not dressed up is gay. If you want s**, you can come right out and ask/offer or you can have to test the waters by changing things up and giving him a b******* instead of just wanking him. A d**** is also something you also could practice with first. Since he likes you dressed as a girl, style your hair like a girl or wear a wig and put on lipstick and maybe other makeup too to help the illusion. Start wanking him, to get the precum going, then move to give him the b******* making sure to be gentle, use your tongue, and swallow his come. Your first time might be little more than you wanking him with your mouth around the end of his p****. You may try a position where he can still w*** you, but you suck him instead.

  • If you found a*** with the d**** enjoyable and he was receptive to the b******, you can make sure to give yourself an enema to be ready for a*** s** and have the lube ready. Also bring condoms, because he may not want to go bareback. You could also do some additional things like getting a close shave for your makeup, shaving your pits and legs, wearing female deodorant, and perfume. You might start with a b******, then tell him you want get to try something different. Lube his p**** up and yourself, then try getting on all fours and present your ass in knickers he likes and smooth legs. If he is h**** enough, he might go ahead and f*** his pretend girlfriend. If he wants a condom, you'll have them ready. He might come very quickly, so don't be disappointed, but you may end up getting an o***** from a*** s** from your boyfriend. He could also w*** you while he is f****** you or you w*** yourself.

    You can try different positions that are more intimate like missionary s** where you can kiss and tongue him while he is f****** you.

  • You might have to keep the s** stuff as fantasy with you and a d****. Adding s** alters a relationship and can mess everything up. He might only want to staying with the wanking game with you as his fantasy girl and reject your sexual wants to get a*** s** and your wanking fun could stop completely and friendship end. If you end up having s**, he might get possessive of you and you might take on the role of the clingy jealous girlfriend.

    He could want a relationship with you, or he may just have a fetish and only wants you sexually when you are dressed as his fantasy girl and to keep the gay s** a secret. Are you ready for either?

  • My sister use to have a pair of white lace cotton knickers and I use to w*** in them.

  • , my best memories were wearing my sister's underwear when she was standing at the door looking through the gap where the door is broken I never fix the door because I enjoy her spying on menow I just dream about having an hour and easy again I have stolen about 10000 pairs of undies in my 20 year career of wanking in women's clotheseven moreI love cutting a little hole in the front where there it was and makes it into a c*** ring nice and tightas a matter of fact I'm waiting now trying to go and steal some moreI went out before but there was too many dogs barkingbe back soon

  • So have i

  • , I still dream about wanking in my sister's undies I still love it

  • Keep doing it

  • Relax dude, you're making a transfer of that hot woman on the webcam to your sister. stop thinking about her and w*** thinking of other women, and in a few days you'll be okay.

  • I don't think its healthy that they are your sister's, but it's totally normal that you are turned on by the scent of v*****.
    I think you should try to stop using your sisters underwear as much as possible.
    what you're doing is normal so don't worry too much, but cut down on how much you're doing this seeing as it is your younger sister and it seems to be ruining your relationship with her and is incestuous.

  • I used to w*** in my sister karen,s knickers a lot when she was fourteen, all musky sticky

  • Nothing wrong with it,carry on.Obviously sexual contact with your sibling would be wrong.I wear relatives knickers all of the time and w*** for girls on cam whilst wearing them.

  • Well I understand but STOP IT!!!! It isn't wrong but it is incest. Its not the that your turned on by your sister (hopfully) its that your imagining where they were and on top of that i dont know how old you really r but id if u continue to spell o***** o****** and say the word knickers im going to kick your ass so i hoped this helped you feel less guilty

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