He's a SOB

My boyfriend and me have been masturbating each other for the last five months and then began giving oral s** to each other and being totally naked. It was always in his downstairs family room when his parents were at work or away for a weekend. I was always afraid to have intercouse so we never did but I did give in and jerked him off and sucked his p****. Three weeks ago is when I found out he was letting his older brother and one of his frinds watch us from the laundry room door. I hate him and am so embarrassed I want to die. A lot of the boys at school know about it now and some of my girlfriends found out.

Dec 26, 2012

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  • BRO FIST to your bf

  • Wait, wait, wait. So, you willingly put his wee wee in your mouth, got naked with him secretly, no doubt lied, snuck around, or withheld the truth from either his parents or yours, took advantage of the trust given to you and your awesome bf, and the shame you feel is simply from other boys watching you do something you knew you probably shouldn't be doing anyway? Wow... so warped. Look, you've got to forgive them, forgive yourself, stop doing that garbage, save your decency, and move on. I'm sure your future husband will appreciate you more for having enough decency to save your gift for him. If not, you're likely to find a husband that will just want to do the same to you if not worse. Just wait til he posts the pictures online.

  • Lots of people have fetishes. Some people enjoy bondage, others enjoy role play or costumes. You enjoy marriage. It's no big deal but just because you have a marriage kink doesn't mean everyone else has to feel the same way. The bigger issue is he violated her trust. She never agreed to be observed, it was nonconsenual. What they did was probably illegal, she should consider pressing charges.

  • Stfu with your flower power. Who cares if she didn't consent? Her parents didn't consent to her putting a p**** in her mouth when they weren't home. F*** her. She broke a rule, and so did those friends. Fair game until you have a place of your own and you aren't sneaking around. No laws broken.

  • Oh my GOD. WHAT a total DOUCHEBAG he is. NOW what are you going to do ?!?

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