My sister tells everyone in my family I'm a s***???

I don't know what to do anymore. she is out of control AND TEN YEARS OLDER THAN ME. I have never done anything sexual with a boy other then a kiss, but i'm only fourteen!! i don't want to do ANYTHING LIKE THAT at least until I'm old enough and have met the right guy. My older sister has been unbelievable. She constantly says things like, "you better not be kissing no boys!" every time i get a sore throat I've only kissed two! One this year and one last year! and I've only kissed the two boys once each she doesn't know about that though! and she yells it super loud for my mom and dad to here so they get suspicious. the other day my sister in law and brother were home for break and she said,"you better not be doing nasties" and i said "you know I'm not like that the girls in the grade ahead of us are really bad though" (trying to get off the subject of me) "so are you saying you're going to look like that?!) and my brother said quietly "no sarah's not like that" (you could tell he was starting to worry) and my sister in law looked at me with a dirty face SERIOUSLY i barely get to see my brother I've only seen him ten times since i was five. why is she trying to ruin my relationship with him. and i wear bikinis SO WHAT most of the girls i know do it and its not because we want to look like s**** i hate it when guys look at me nasty i just don't want tan lines. my mom is fine with it! BUT NO when she's around she makes a huge deal out of it like "you shouldn't be wearing those it looks like you're gonna end up on a pole" (that made me cry as soon as we got home she basically just said i was going to become a stripper) maybe she said it cus she's kind of pudgy and can't wear bikinis. ALSO wen i wear short shorts (no you can't see my butt popping out of it they cover everything needed covered) she tells me i look like a h*****... i don't know but I'm an innocent girl who ISNT a s*** and is getting framed as one. :,( it hurts a lot knowing I'm fourteen, try my hardest in school, don't get involved with boys often, am a virgin and i still look like a corner girl to my family but look like the sweet funny girl who's always there for you if you need someone at school :,( why is it right now my friends are more of a sister to me than my sister. its not supposed to be like that.

Dec 30, 2012

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  • Wow your sister sounds like a world class piece of s***. As others have said She's a jealous c*** live your life as best you can with happiness and love and leave her venomous words and slander to the wind becuse that's where they belong.

  • Your sister is just being a b**** because she's JEALOUS of you. Laugh at her s***, refuse to take her claims seriously. Don't keep defending yourself. Shrug and tell her she can believe whatever she wants. Tell her that she's only taunting you because she's jealous. It will drive her batshit insane if you refuse to get upset by her crap.

  • ^Exactly. She likes embarrassing you. You're reaction to what she says is exactly what she's looking for. You can play this two ways, chances are she'll just move on because the teasing is no longer fun for her. Ignore her. Don't answer her when she says stuff like that. Or you can reply, that's right.. I have more dates then you, jealous? And walk away. And if she says, you're a s***..then say .. you would know. It will drive her crazy in both scenarios.

  • I had that with my sister. Shes 5 yrs oder than me. Right now I'm 30 and shes 35. She has proven to the family that shes the s***. Just ignore her. You knw what and you are. Walk with your head held hi. Karma will get her and make her a bitter old lady lol

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