The Mystery of Woman

Once of my side businesses involves selling jewelry at flea markets. Yesterday, a lady came in and was visiting another vendor. She was older (about 50) and she looked her age, except she had very nice hips and a butt that was chubby but not fat. She came over and looked over some of my stuff.

She wanted to try on a necklace. I offered to put the necklace on for her. She said that was ok, that she could do it. But she ended up asking me to do it. I stood behind her, and she lifted up her hair while I put the necklace on her.

She turned around and asked, "How does it look?" I told her it looked great. She went back to her friend to get her approval. She then asked me to take it off.

She turned, lifted up her hair, and I took off the necklace. She looked at it a few more minutes and made me an offer, which I accepted. She then asked me to put it back on her. This time, as I put it on her, she kind of looked back at me and our eyes met.

Nothing else happened, but I had such a raging b**** that as soon as the flea market closed, I came straight home, got my clothes off, and beat off like I hadn't done in a long time. I came in about minute.

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  • Damn that woman must of packed some powerful vibs towards you!!

  • I don't see anything wrong with it. chill!!

  • Lol each to his own i guess

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