Every time I m********* I think of my best friend. I think she's really cute but I always thought I was atracted to guys (I'm a girl by the way). One time we were alone and it was really hard for me to not touch her or kiss her. I'm only thirteen and so confused! Is something wrong with me? Help!

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  • Hey I'm 15 turning 16 this year female.. I have actually come out now and admiring to beig bisexual, and it's comletely fine! When I was ur age I was doing the same thing and to be completely honest I still do! I have had relationships with girls in the past and I agree that thinking of them instead of a male is ten times more arousing! I can understand people are thinking you can't be sure at your age and that may be the case, but my advice is to go for it and experiment. X

  • Please be carefully its ok having those feelings before trying to kiss her make sure that she feels the same if not there will be more women/girls that will be happy to make out with you and more

  • Before you go all, you're this way or that, you are only 13. I got boners all the time at your age seeing naked people (either s**). Never had a h*** experience, had s** with my first girl a year later. It's been that way ever since. Don't be so quick to think you have to have eyerything figured out right now. As far as your friend, I'd be VERY careful before I made a move or shared my feelings aobut her, with her.

  • It sounds like you are bisexual, meaning you are attracted to both genders
    just like other sexual orientations, or the color of your hair, it's not a choice, people are born that way

    it's more common then most people think,
    but most deny it, because sadly, not everyone is understanding about those things.. :(

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