My friend and I....

I really need advice!
okay so i'm 13 and i know i'm kinda young but... tonight i had my first kiss! it was amazing! it was with one of my best friends it was just pure awesomeness! but i'm kinda freaked out... cause it was with a girl! i'm not judgemental at all against lesbians or bisexuals but i mean i was raised Christian and i was always taught this is wrong! but i really liked it it was like fireworks and happiness! should i tell my friend that i like like her? or should i talk to my mom? or WHAT? SOOO LOST! please help c: thanks! byee

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  • Ask your self do you want a family,you say yes well fine you a boy your own age, if not do wha every you want to do with her,

  • It could just be because it's exciting and new. The first real (good) kiss is always amazing, so I wouldn't worry about it. If you mom is open minded and supportive, you could talk to her.
    Just because you really enjoyed this kiss doesn't necessarily mean you are lesbian. Do you find guys attractive? If so, you are probably a normal yet adventurous girl.

  • Idk but seeing as your on a path to h*** now, can I deflower you?

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