I really like this guy. Hes sweet and I

I really like this guy. Hes sweet and I thought he was cool. At first, I didnt even want him. But then one day we were hanging out at his friends house and he started stuff with me (No s** or nakedness, just kissing).
A few days later, we were kinda talking. But then I found out he has a girl. Someone I know! And I kinda already knew, but I thought they were just talking at the time.
Anyway, now I've fallen for him and since he's on my mspace, i checked out his page,and he says he really loves her and I feel heartbroken. What should I say or do?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Get revenge, tell his girlfriend what happened

  • Original Writer Of Confession: News alert. His girlfriend told him a couple weeks ago she cheated on him cuz she was dating another guy. I found out from one of her friends that is also my friend.

  • I definitely think this boy is just playing with your heart. I dont mean he dont like you,he just "loves" her,(which i doubt becuz hrd trying to get with you in a way), so basically, he's a playa. Dont let him trick you and dont trust him.
    ~Mrs. Tell It Like It Is~

  • Amen....he's just saying what he thinks he needs to say to get in your panties. He probably says stuff to other girls too and the sad thing is those girls actually buy it

  • leave him alone, hes already taken, all he's gona do is hurt you, think about it if he cheated on her kissin you what makes u think he wont cheat on you?he already leting everyone no he loves his girl, that wont change a man will tell a women what he think she wants to hear but it shows his heart is with her so its best u find a single man

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