How I meet hot babes

I am from a nice family and I have gone to church every Sunday since I can remember. I am 18 and what you would call a nice girl and I look like one people always tell me. Crazy as it sounds my dream is to marry a mafia gangster. I dunno know. I just love those guys in the gangster movies. I want that kind of exciting life instead of marrying some boring attorney or dull accountant. I want to live on the edge and get all the excitement in life I can. I do not even care if my future mafia husband kills people. It will be just a job and no worse than a soldier killing people. I am moving out of my parents house and my plan is to move to the city and get a job in a bar where mafia guys hang out. I know I will meet my handsome future gangster husband there. I cannot wait!

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  • Sansa Stark used to think like you do. She caught a good solid clue or six after hanging with that Joffrey $hitlizard. Does that sound like a fun life to you, naive little girl?

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