Ok iam a gangster

Ok iam a gangster my whole life is lies so here is some truth for once I've broke into over 5000 homes and business burned things down bashed two guys with a brick shot up peoples houses for no reason i slept with hundreds of hookers and other girls while i was married I've done so many horrible things I can't list them or even remember half of them one of the few things i did that atleast looks nice on the surface is come Christmas time i would give toys to broke kids never mind that it all came from trucks I hijacked but even that was not real the kids all had moms I wanted to f*** and maybe you could tell a gangster no after he gave your kids Christmas but you won't all this horrible s*** and iam only 36years old iam trying to stop I really am but this life is a drug and it's all I know thank for listening

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  • 36 is really old for a gangster. It's even older for someone who has no idea how the English language works.

    The next home you break into might be your last, Pops. People are getting wise to the fact that the cops won't help them, so they handle intruders their own way. Your slowed reflexes (and even slower intellect) will be the end of you. Have fun!

  • Maybe he next home you break into they'll tie you up cut your feet off and keep you alive in the basement...no one will care you're gone anyway or maybe not

  • Damn you a wangster that have time to spare on the internet. Kill yourself you deserve to die.

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