My one niece I've wanted her for YEARS!

My one niece I've wanted her for YEARS! She would be 39 now, to my 46. She's truly GORGEOUS with a perfect round bubble butt, medium sized t******, silky blond hair and pretty green eyes, and a "beauty mark" mole on her cheek.
    When we were teenagers (or less)...I would've been 16 or 17 and her, about 13, she would have a habit of coming up to me and sitting in my lap and squirming around. You can just imagine the effect it had on me...
    One day I was sitting at the kitchen table looking at an encyclopedia, with her mom (my sister) sitting right next to me at the end of the table. Her comes my niece, wearing a tank top and these short red shorts and proceeds to climb onto my lap to look at the dog breed pictures in the book. As usual, she began swinging her legs open and closed while straddling my thigh and her sweet butt directly on top of the stirring p**** in my jeans! Though it felt terrific, I knew getting a raging b**** might not be the wisest idea at the time. Even though she'd done similar things like this before, this kinda had me on the spot! So with great concentration, I did my best to focus on not getting hard. The problem with that was, that even though I didn't sport an obvious erection, I could feel a MAJOR o***** building! She continued doing her leg thing and I could feel my face warming from panic and l***. My heartbeat was thumping and my breathing was a little faster. The more I tried to not grow totally hard, the better it felt. I knew I had a choice to make, either ask her to move (which I thought might make her & my sister wonder why), let my hard-on manifest itself right under her crotch (probably not a good idea), or allow myself to c** and hope for the best. Her mom sat there reading a magazine and seemed oblivious to what was going on literally right under her nose! As for my niece, she either didn't know the effect she was having on me, or DID, but enjoyed what she was doing to me. I pretended to not be aroused as to not freak them out and look like a pervert. Meanwhile the imminent o***** built.
    After about 5 minutes of this wonderful torture, I could feel the o***** coming and just rode the pleasure wave that had my whole body tingling! My c*** erupted with several hard surges of c** and though I was in bliss, I waited for her to react and bust me out. Guess what...she never did. She MUST have noticed my o*****, because she stopped squirming and just sat there awhile afterwards.
    Eventually she got up and went about her business (I like to think she went to her room and masturbated) and left me with my underwear full of c** and a big wet spot on the front of my jeans that I prayed her mom wouldn't see when I got up to leave.
  That to this day, is probably my most intense o*****. I often reminisce that scenario as I play with myself. I may have more "deviant" fetishes and desires, but as far as my biggest (unfulfilled) fantasy, she would be it. I haven't seen her in years, she's married and has teenage girls of her own now. I sometimes wonder if they enjoy innocent "lap-dancing" like their mom?
Midwestern longing uncle...

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  • I think the trend of pedophiles will increase and young girls will develop younger in response to this. Girls are developing at 7 or 8 now in 2017 and are able to send s** signals to both younger men and older men, there are many girls out there just looking for a daddy. Since they grew up without a dad, many will pour out secretively to single men. So if a little one seeks u out? Don't be afraid of her young tight body and those perky nipples it means her body is glad to see yours. So you two lovebirds better hide and get naughty with each other to relieve tension. When you see her panties coming off u will get a whiff of this girls yum yums😋

  • Naughty niece

  • Yeah she definitely knew what she was doing since she stopped squirming on your hard c*** the moment you started to spurt your c**. Sounds a lot like me growing up actually.

  • hey if she is a legal age why not try to bang her

  • It also happened to me when my twelve year old niece used to sit on my lapand jump up and down on it and i would get a herd on so one day she pull up her skirt and sat down on my lap when i noticed she had removed her knickers. i quickly look across at her mother but she was to busy watching tele, so i slipped my hand up her skirt and stoked her p**** she gave a sigh as i worked my finger between her young c*** lips. She Hoo and whispered i really like that uncle Les so i managed to undone my flies and got my rock hard d*** out and slowly worked it up her sweet young c*** as she gave a sigh and began to slide her c*** up and own my seven inch hard d***. I could not believe some one so young could take a full size grown mans c*** all the way up her minge. She kept ridding my d*** , i whispered in her ear i'm going to c** and she so she sat down h****** my d*** as i flooded her womb with my red hot s****. We sat there till my c*** became soft and slipped out of her c***.i spoke to my sister saying i was going out the garden for a smoke. After awhile my niece came out and said thank you uncle Les that was so wonderful I replied yes it was great thank you have a very nice tight c***. I asked her when did she lose her virginity. She said she did it when riding her bike
    and yours was the very first c*** to f*** me and so when can we f*** again soon. I said any time just give me a call. She has been round to my place several time since and we just stripped each other off and we f*** each other to a stand still and i get to admire her most wonderful naked young figure and she just can't wait to get my seven inch c*** up her sweet young c***.

  • Pork her.

    No arguments.

    Bone her.

    I'll give you a dollar.

    I can't, in all good conscience, let good c***** go to waste.

  • Dude, These folks on here really must love to play the holier-than-though card and judge you. If you are truly confessing, then you must know that it was wrong and want to get it off your chest. To all you others, grow up you does it feel to judge people? Must be nice that you are all perfect.

  • I just wonder about the age difference...she is seven years younger than you now...but some how was only three to four years younger than you almost thirty years ago? How does that work? So was she really more like nine or ten and thirteen sounded better when you got to that point in the story? Does it make you feel better to tell the story with her having actually hitting puberty? Besides, I think the whole thing is made up...but on the other hand I have heard some VERY creepy stuff in my life. Get help if this is still a major infactuation. Do you still like young children? Are you addicted to p***? Do you have high risk s**? Are you married and have children that your thoughts and actions in this area would affect in devistating ways? I think maybe you should focus on helping you and your family than fantasizing about a thirty year old sexual experience with a young niece.

  • get some help, do you really believe that your 13 y.o niece was really trying to get you off...seriously seek wonder you have to post this on here, if you told anyone in person, they would probably chop your d*** off, to bad you don't have the b**** to say it

  • of course you are midwestern, white and a f****** sick pervert. order a real doll in your neice's image you f****** sick, dickless loser from nowhere.

  • Bullshit.

  • Don't knock it till you have tried it mate.

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