Close call

when I was thirteen , I would have completely uncontrollable and extremely strong o****** just by thinking about my crush(not even sexualy)it feels amazing of course, but as I said it was uncontrollable so it wasn't all good. This one time I was sitting in class and looked at my crush, who sat next to me and saw she was looking at me(I say she because she is trans, m to f) and I noticed she had a big b*nner, as u can probably guess this sexualy excited me, I felt my p*ssy start quivering, c** started leaking from me and i knew I was going to have an o*****.long story short I had to excuse my self to the toilet (whilst putting my hand up to do so, I slightly brushed my crushes thigh, which made me even more h****. As i accidentally touched what I think was her thigh but might have been her d*ck i heard her quietly moan(which made me very wet, as I'd never heard my crush moan so sexually)from what I can remember, she looked slightly pleased but embarrassed so i pretended not to notice, but it made it harder for me not to do anything) and then shamelessly had probably the strongest o***** I've ever had. I was surprised about how much c** came out of me that day, as i thought about what had happened that day(my crushes d*ck, the way she looked at me, touching her thigh possibly her d*ck & her sexual moan)i don't know why this happens but, it happens.And every time I had an o*****,I didn't touch myself once, just sat there c** spilling out of me, enjoying the sensation.they always seemed to be different aswell, like sometimes they would be weaker and quiet but most of the time they were really strong so it felt impossible not to moan.
Pov:I am still 13 and idek why I wrote it as if I was older, and now I'm terrified to go back to school after covid and seeing my crush cuz that was a close call. If anyone knows why I'm having these o******, please comment



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  • Ugh ! You f****** weirdo !!!

  • Why? I can't help it, i didn't like it happening. Plus there are plenty worse posts than this u snowflake😂

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