i've been dating my boyfriend for 4

i've been dating my boyfriend for 4 years, and i love him. we're planning on marrying in a couple of years. in high school, about 7 years ago, i slept with this guy twice, but have been keeping in touch with him ever since. there's always been a strange attraction and connection between us, but we never got together because we were in different places. now, we live closer, and i've started to wonder if i made the right choice. we've started planning a "get together". i'm worried because i really don't feel as guilty as i should. i'm not sure what his feelings are towards me or my feelings toward him. i'm not even sure of my feelings for my boyfriend anymore.

i really do love my boyfriend, but i'm not sure if i'm in love with him or just love him because he was there. it's hard because my family is absolutely in love with him, so if i do have feelings for this other guy, they would hate me.

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  • You're just after novelty. You're what's wrong with society; no commitment or moraltiy, just childish impulse and "me me me."

  • listen you f****** HOR stop dating the other guy B****

  • What are your priorities? It sounds like s**, doesn't it? You want the previous guy even though you've been dating the current guy for 4 years, even planning on marriage. You need to pick one guy and stick with him, rather than having it both ways and ruining people's lives.

    If it's going to be the previous guy, then do the right thing and tell the current guy that it's over and explain why. But if you're going to stick with the current guy, then tell the previous guy that it's over and stop communicating with him and planning this get-together. Don't be selfish and have it both ways. You really need to make up your mind and commit to one person. Your emotional feelings and your appetite for s** and your desire for that "strange attraction and connection" will come and go, but your decision and commitment is something that you can control. Decide on one guy and commit to him. Don't be selfish and have it both ways. Otherwise, you'll be fooling around for the rest of your life and wrecking not only other people's lives but yours as well.

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