Well..... I have posted on here a few

Well..... I have posted on here a few times before, and i got nothing but rude comments. If you read this and want to write something mean, do it. But to me your just as lame. If you have the time to look at these and make fun of peoples problems instead of fixing your own. Your the one with bigger problems. Anyways...... I have wanted to tell someone about this for so long.

My best friend. My Cousin. My life support when things got to rough with my mom and dad. Pretty much my everything is gone. My used to be best friend and her mother were wonderful. My boyfriend was amazing. It all was so perfect and then it went straight to h***. Summer came around and we were a happy group. The four of us. My ex best friends mom was great. She was mine and my cousins teacher. And my best friend and boyfriend were too. We all went to the same private school. So summer came around and it was great. Late night movies and bowling. Shopping and all that fun stuff. It was great. Then things started getting weird with my teacher and cousin. My best friend cried to me every single night because her mom loved my cousin to much. My boyfriend and cousin were best friends too. He always used to say that something was way wrong between them two. He was my cousin and best friend and i didn't believe anything they said. So a super long ass story short.... He ended up running away for her. Now if she was this young gorgeous thing i wouldn't be so devistated, but she was 43, wore a wig, and always had a camel toe in her white pants, and he was 16. So he ran away to LA me and the boyfriend broke up. me and my best friend stop seeing eachother. Nick came down here and ran away. We did everything possible to find him. Had the cops. Went door to door. Had a detective and everything and still no sign. But we knew he was safe because he was always on myspace and IM. He wrote me once with the only words "im so sorry. I hope you know i love you and you are still my bestfriend" It was so hard. But it got worse because i became friends with her again thinking nick wasn't with them cause i was at her house all the time. Turnes out he lived at the teachers grandmas. They lied to me for 6 months after they watched me cry and cry for him. I know that words can't really express the way i really feel, but him and my dad are the ONLY thing i ever cry about. I sent hi a message saying that i loved him but i wanted that to be goodbye. He sent me a message back saying that he thought about are old good times and stupid times we had. As much as i miss and love him. Sometimes i wish he was dead because he wouldn't be across town, and i wouldn't have to cry and hesitate to see him

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  • I think people who leave rude comments obviously have issues. Some people have lost touch with what it means to be human and to offer support and sympathy.

    About your situation, I'm sorry to hear that what once was a happy group has totally turned upside down and has become a source of pain and hurt for you. I hope things somehow get better.

  • No comment. Except relationships evolve.

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