Showing off my vintage babydoll nighties

Yes Its me from Nighties nighties nighties the Strange column, Well tonight I am showing my G/F FRIENDS my nightie collection and I'm embarased and shaking with excitement my shaft is getting hard so right now I'm jusy going to put in one of my sexy baby-doll nighties and neg .......Right.// I have this sexy one on and I'm feel very sexy h**** shaking with excitement and so is my c***.I think that they are due any I better answer the door in my sexy attire......They all said WOW and I loved it I said I have to write this up as I go so thats ok they said. So now I'm just going to put on that baby-doll nightie and negligee with all those ribbons that I have already said......There are 8 girls and my G/f They are all sitting in a circle I'm about to show them this fantastic sexy nightie with 30 long nylon ribbons and bows........My shaft is SO so stiff and tingling so here go'es......WOW WOW wow they loved it I showed them how I love to blow my load into the chiffon and ribbons but I didn't do it. But they thought it was good anyway,so....I was very happy and so was my G/f ....They watched with great interest.....

Jan 18, 2013

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  • The comments are more ridiculous than the story.

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  • Oh god, will you shut the f*** up already? P**** boy.

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