No Ones Knows Im Haunted By My Past

My husband is not the father of my child. I was raped and no ones knows it. He is a well liked person, someone I thought was a friend. No ones knows because I know that people wouldn't believe he could do that, but he isn't the sweet caring guy he lets people think he is.

How could someone do something to selfish to another person? Someone who thought of them as a friend? Was it really that easy to take advantage of someone who couldn't defend themselves? Was the rush you got from it really worth a lifetime of pain for me? How can you not even care you have a child out there?

I love my son with all my heart but sometime it gets tough when I look at him and see my attacker. My little man is my whole world. He saved me from being overtaken by what happened to me. I have to be strong for my baby boy. He needs me.

My husband knows our son isn't his and love him like his own. I don't know what I would do without my husband. He married me after I was raped so that we could raise this child together. What an amazing man God has blessed me with.

One day I will be okay. The flashbacks will stop. The nightmares will go away. I will be able to walk down the street without the constant fear of seeing him. I might not forget what happened to me but the fear will not win. I am stronger than that. I will be okay.

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  • If you don't report your rapist,he'll do it again,to other women!! He probably has done,already!!
    You've allowed him to get away with it,for too long! He needs to be,brought to justice and punished for his sins.

    I'd suggest you commence,self-defence classes.I'm a female power lifter and Mixed Martial Artist.
    I feel sorry for anyone,who tries to rape me,because they'd be,a dead man!!

    And I suggest,counselling therapy for you and talk to your husband about your rape.What's the worst that could happen,from confiding in,your loving husband?

  • If you forgive but don't forget your better than that man!To keep that child makes you a stronger woman and you should be proud its not easy to decide some thing like that! That kind action is most powerful to thing in the world to let that man know you took your life back and he was not worth giving up your life and moved on good for you!

  • Forgive and let that noise go;.....this person is not worth another second of your time

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