More than Hate my Step Son !!!!

My step son is a piece of s***, sorry excuse of human existence... My husband pays a s*** load of money for this b****** kid every month, mind you the kid has a high probability of not even belonging to him and he won't take a paternity test because he knows the kid is probably not his and says he would rather not know!! This fuc*ing brat has tried to destroy my marriage from day one lying and stealing, being an a****** to my daughters and me. He told my in laws and his mom that I was mean to him and hit him, If i hit that little b****** I would have ended his sorry life as much anger as I have built up for this s*******!! Then he finally confessed that he lied but didn't get punished he was just calmly told Ty you shouldn't lie... OMG!! My husband and I are moving an hour away and I forbid that fuc*er in my home so hopefully that does the trick, if he wants to see that demon spawn he can go visit him at my fat ass nosy pathetic in laws house, that i hate with all my might as well. My 300 pound fat ass father in law wants to write a letter to my husband talking s*** about me but yet a few years ago he had a b****** child of his own show up on his door step that he had with another woman that he cheated on his wife (my mother in law) With 19 years ago.. but he wants to control my home!!! and my mother in law wants to give unwanted advice and run my home, b**** please i live with what you raised and you didn't do that great of a job especially not to be giving us advice, you the dumb ass waiting on a cheater hand and foot.. but you want to give us relationship advice when your own marriage is s***!! and my sister in law the horomonal cow that wants to say what she wants but god forbid anyone tell her fat s**** double chinned ass how it is. she trying to but in and don't even have kids of her own,maybe she needs to stop and realize god don't give her kids for the kids protection she would be a horrible mother!!! My fat ass brother in law thinks him and his Fiona (princess from Shrek) looking monkey b**** wife are better than everyone else and they need to look down on everyone.. they had a kid bout 8 months ago big bug eyes and lookin like a busted can of biscuits mind you but they talk s*** about everyone elses kids! it can be a kid on tv and they are like omg glad our daughter don't look like that and they laugh and say as much as we make fun of other peoples kids we were hoping ours wouldn't be ugly.. well neither one of them are good looking and they both look like beached whales and that kid looks like the both of them with moms monkey ears! I needed to vent before i blew up.. they all can talk s*** to me but I am not allowed to tell them how I feel.fuc* that they say one more cross word I know I will not be able to contain my hatred towards these nasty skanks!!!! thanks for listening

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  • You are a terrible b****. You shouldn't be talking about someone else's child like this. I had a stepdad like you. He was an abusive piece of s***. Rot in h***, you nasty c***! That child is not your kid so p*** off, mind your own business and ignore him if you dislike him!
    H***, you should probably just break off the relationship with his father if you hate his kid that much!

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