Belt fetish

I have always had a belt fetish from a very young age. At about 5 years old, I discovered I loved the feeling of being sat upon and my stomach crushed. I soon found that a tight belt was similarly pleasurable. Since then I have always loved to wear my belts very tight, even to pulling them in as absolutely hard as they will go.
I also love to see female wearing very tight belts. The sight is so erotic. I have always dreamed of meeting a female with the same feelings as me who would love me to tighten her belt absolutely as far as I possibly could.
I sometimes watch belt tightening, or stomach crushing videos, but can never understand why the people concerned never seem to wear tight belts as part of their lifestyle.

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  • I have very similar feelings myself. I've never had the nerve to let anyone know!
    I fantasise about having someone sit, bounce/massage or even stand on my stomach. I regularly enjoy wearing my belts as tight as I can get them.
    I can't see myself ever being able to confess this desire/fetish to my partner in case I scare him off.

  • Most people tend to have a negative reaction to someone wearing a belt too tight. Maybe the reason for not wearing them as part of their lifestyle or wearing them in public is worrying about how others would react to this fetish? Idk...

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