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I'm a teen and my mom and dad just divorced after 15 years of marriage, my older sister is an insensitive person who tells mom to "f*** off" and to "die already." my dad moved away with his new girl friend and hasn't contacted me since the divorce, I was much closer to my dad rather than my mom, and my mum cares more for my sister even though she's a b**** to her, mom pays no attention to me and i'm finding life much harder right now. I feel like I just want to end it all but i know thats not an option. please if anyone reads this please give me a reason to go on, or even just something to make me smile. if not i don't really care. i've given up on humanity.


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  • I once ran into the inside corner of a door.

  • You live and you succeed and then you fricken shove your happiness and success in their faces!

  • Hope that your life will get better, i do the same. my parents are separated and my dad doesnt care about me anymore. yet i believe that one day my life will change the way i want.

  • Are you there princess and hope your ok. Hugs from a mommy xxxxx

  • Hi sweetie and I'm sorry to hare about you mom and dad. I'm a single mom and have messaged this girl also. My husband does not want too see our girls and know it hurts them at times. You will be ok sweetie and hugs from a mommy who cares xxxxx

  • It's ganna be okay man. My parents have divorced but I'm still here, don't pay attention to it and live your life the way you like it.

  • Rebel today is a w****

  • You have a lot to live for, don't doubt that for a minute. This is just an unfortunate bump in the road of life, but you will get through this. Divorce is never easy, but staying together may have been worse. As for getting what you need from your parents, sometimes you have to tell them exactly what you need or would like to happen. Just because your parents are adults and should know better, they are still human and can make some pretty bad mistakes. Call or text your dad. There could be a lot of reasons why he's not doing the right thing.. but sometimes you can't dwell on those things.As for your sister, give her her space. As you said, she's insensitive and probably dealing with things the best ways she knows how to. For all of what you're going though, it couldn't hurt for you to talk with a therapist. Talking things out can always help.

  • Hi my prescious. Im just thinking off you and want you too know people care sweetie I hope your feeling a little better hun. You will be ok baby girl and try surround yourself will positive people and do nice things for yourself sweetie. Have you got exams on hun and Im sending you lots off hugs and love you sweetheart from the single mommy with little baby girls like yourself xxxxx

  • You know what animals have much greater life than humans...atleast they don't have to go through all this stress

  • It won't help them for you to die, they need to learn to live with conflict and difference of opinion and different values. we all are anyway. we are all totalled and warn out and empty but the rich.

  • Yeh my uncle went around jealous of my education and career and assaulted me and I can now see how insecure and jealous he must have been.

  • Ah, you had one of those too. my uncle was clearly extremely jealous of any success his nieces might ever have and who they could marry and sexually soiled me and my spirit. he is in h*** now.

  • I understand that feel so well. I live in spite of the haters. it hurts them that I live. you got to enjoy that, right.

  • Your dads’ a d***. Your mother doesn’t know what you’re feeling; she’s probably trying to put out a fire with your sister right now. Tell your mom how you are feeling. Remember, this moment in time is only temporary. Life will improve and someday someone will need your support.

  • For a little smile, I'll tell you a story of when I first came to the U.S. well, I was about 24 and I couldn't speak English very well. I came on a late flight and had trouble finding out where to go. So I only knew a few words of English, so I just started counting (till this day I don't know why) and some security guards rushed over to me. I started talking in Italian and they had a translator on hand. He gave me a sign and just told me to hold it up. It said "taxi to hotel" I ended up getting to the hotel for the night. I tried to explain to the service desk that I was hungry but it was about 2 in the morning. They pointed to a restaurant across the street and I ended up going in. When I went it I felt off and it was filled with women just staring at me. I ended up going back to the hotel. The next day I talked to my brother, who was fluent in English and asked where I ate. I sent him a picture of the restaurant and he told me that evidently is was a lesbian bar.

  • Awkward ~

  • So reading this is seems like you're at a bit of a crossroads. I can't say that I know how you feel because no one is the same, and nobody experiences things the same way. The road is split like this: you can either dwell on the issues, or you can try to live off of them. I've been through a lot and the one thing I've learned is someone out there always has it worse than you and someone has it better. So what do you do? You can look at what you DO have and try to build off of it and ignore what you don't. You have your entire life ahead of you and you can do anything you want. People are resilient and can achieve great things. You don't need other people to be proud of you as long as you can look in the mirror and be proud of yourself. You can't compare yourself to others because there are many aspects to life that aren't always visible. So the only person you should compare yourself to is who you were yesterday. Think of what your thankful for, use it as a foundation. Build on it. Make your life the way you want it to be (There is a lesson from the Bible that says, the one thing people have that God will never be able to attain is achievement). There are a vast array of things you can become - pick what you want and work for it.

  • Hello I am Asian....I used to work in a call center in my home country before coming to States....so we used to get pick and drop facility....once a girl missed her cab and she was alloted to ours but there was no room so all of us have to adjust....as a result I couldn't find enough space to place my legs....at that time my communication skills were not so good...I asked the girl sitting in front of me who was wearing a short skirt....."would you plz spread your legs...I want to feel comfortable "......she took that in wrong way and I was fired next day....hahahaha....hope that makes u smile...happiness to you

  • Ha thanks this made me smile thanks

  • Look around and look at what you have. like live in the moment. Find one or two good friends and go with them

  • Learn from your parent's mistakes and move on.

  • It's not as easy as that for children or teenagers. She feels like she's on her own. Her father has not contacted her since moving away with his girlfriend. The poor little girl and she needs a hugg...

  • Thank you

  • Are you there sweetie and you are worth so much. Im a single mommy with three girls. How old are you princess and would love too give you a hugg rite now and sit you on my lap and hold you till you fell assleep. I'd tell you how much your loved sweetie and how special you are to mommy. I'm sending you hugs baby girl and will you please message me princess. Wish you were my baby girl xxxxxxx

  • 15 yo thanks for this

  • Hi sweetie and I'm the mommy who's messaged you. I hope your ok princess and feint better. Huggs again from a mommy who cares sweetie xxxxx

  • Hi sweetie and came acrosse your post again. I realy hope your ok hun and and huggs from single mom who cares xxxx

  • Hi baby girl and it's the mommy here. I'm just wondering how you are hun and could you please message back sweetie. I realy want too know how your doing princess. Love from mommy and hugs xxxxxxxx

  • Hi baby girl and I'm the mommy that has messaged you. Hope your ok sweetie. Hugs and love from a mommy who cares xxxxxx

  • Are you there sweetie. I

  • Yeah i'm here its been a while since i was on and i am feeling much better now i've gone through some concealing sessions and i'm currently trying to meet with dad my sister has been less temper-mental lately and i told my mum about whats been going on in my head and she is trying to be more kind to me which is nice and i can't thank you enough for all the cuddles i'm sorry i didn't reply earlier it's just with the concealing and stuff i haven't had much time time for checking the replies on this post, but thank you so much xxxxxx

  • Hi sweetie and i hope you see this. Your so prescious and sweet. Love you so much. From mommy hugs xxxxx

  • Hi sweetie. It's single mommy here again and just want to say I'm thinking off. Have you got your exams on princess and do you play any sports or have any hobbies. Hugs and love baby girl mommy xxxxxxx

  • Hi sweetie are you ok. I'm the single mommy here and just want say your wonderfull and Im thinking off you my baby girl. Hugs from mommy xxxxxxx

  • Hi sweetie. I so want too sit you on my knee rite now and cuddle you till you felt my love pour into you hun. You are going too do wonderfull things with your life sweetie. Dream big princess and dare too reach for all your dreams. You are beautifull inside and out hun. My girls are not long gone too school princess. Can you sit your mommy down and tell her how your feeling my baby girl. Or have you got an aunt or any adult you trust sweetie. Off the subject for now hun. But do you play any sports or have hobbies. I'm sending you my love my baby girl and lots off hugs and wish you were my daughter sweetie. Hugs mommy xxxxxxx

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