I am scared that every will find out you and I are dating and that you are his father now that you take him over nights when I need rest when I am really sick! He only wants you when your around and not me I think he knows your his dad! I hope when we can come clean about our relationship your children stop thinking I broke up you and your wife. We never had s** when you were still married even tho many people think so and when you got divorced we were only friends. Because we got close and when my ex husband beat me and I cried on your shoulders and you helped me get a divorce everyone thought we were more than we were so when your wife left you we comforted each other and we had s** we were both divorced at the time but to soon to say we are together and I got pregnant you said it would be best not to say we are together just yet till things calm down I agreed and now its so hard to keep it because people started talking s*** again!

Jan 22, 2013

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  • I am scared for you.... If you have to hide then maybe you should break it off! No point in getting caught if it will cause a problom!

  • Love him in silence should be fun. I also love some one in silence. He makes me c** twice before he dose its great I love it! It is good that its a secret that we share! To me its better if no one knows the rush of not knowing if we will get caught turns me on.

  • Your sick who cares if you c**!

  • GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!! I WISH YOU THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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