Divorcing wife to be with stepdaughter

I am seriously considering divorcing my horrible wife to pursue a relationship with my stepdaughter. She would be 18 by the time our divorce is final. She knows that I don't get along with my wife, and evenasks me why I don't just divorce her? My stepdaughter loves me very much, and we have had physical moments where we've stopped each other, knowing that it wasn't quite right. We both are attracted to each other, there's no question about that. I'm within a reasonable age range for her, and though I've fought getting divorced for years, my stepdaughter's recent advances toward me have only strengthened my resolve to just do it.
No, I haven't had s** with my stepdaughter. We may have done some questionable things together, but I am waiting until I'm divorced.

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  • I honestly don't know why you're waiting. The girl clearly wants it and you shouldn't keep making her wait for it. In addition, the longer you wait, the greater the likelihood becomes that she connects with someone else and then is no longer available to you. If there is that awesome heat building between the two you, go for it. Move on her now!

  • Tune in to the next episode of Jerry Springer

  • This is coming from a complete no judgment perspective - I'm just saying you really think this miniscule and trivial flingy feelings with your step daughter are worth giving up your marriage? Not only that but if you care about this stepdaughter of yours, you realize this will ruin her relationship with her mom? I'm 19 years old and I've been involved with older guys before, ones that were even married. And I've been, seen, and felt those feelings and no matter how much you like, love, care, or don't at all there is still guilt for being a what most call "home wrecker" think about this hard. This is a do or die type situation. Its all or nothing and I hope you guys make the right choice - together. Witout any peer pressure because you are the older one out of you guys. I pray you change youre mind good luck


  • Me101, your stupid ass on here name calling, giving bad advise again? damn you stressed out over young girls with older men, just learn to make it non of your business from now on and you'll find you won't be so worked up and a little more relaxed.....

  • Hey idiot, it isn't Kentucky and she'll be 18. Try reading, stupid.

  • Some will support you but I didn't step over your comment about your "horrible" wife. Why is she horrible ? You must have loved her to marry her. Now that you wanna f*** HER daughter, that makes her a horrible wife ? I want to see you justify ending your marriage instead of WORKING ON IT. Like marriage and commitment requires.

  • She cheated on me and wouldn't apologize. She refuses to go to counseling with me. I've tried to save our marriage for years, but she refuses to take the steps. Though I forgave her for what she did, and was willing to put it aside for us to make something better, she threw it back in my face and blames me for her cheating. My attitude contributed to it surely, but I didn't make her do it.
    She didn't even tell me that she had until after we had s** again (just because times are bad doesn't mean it still doesn't happen). She hadn't even gone in to check for STDs. Her own daughter is angry at her because, it turns out, she did this to her last husband. Horrible might have been an overstatement, but surely, she falls outside of the realm of pleasant.

  • Worked for Woody Allen...why not?

  • Your a sick f*** and may as well be from Kentucky.

  • I'm from Kentucky so suck it

  • Hey whats wrong with kentucky.......:-)
    im sorry i couldnt do it with a straight face

  • How is this guy sick? The girl is obviously of age to decide, he's divorcing his wife, and he's of no blood relation to the teen. He's even waiting to f*** her until after she turns 18 and he's divorced. He's just like any other guy getting a divorce, the only difference is that he has a hot piece of ass already lined up. Sounds like you're just jealous.

  • F*** you pedo-daddy

  • I'm laughing at you. My stepdaughter is absolutely beautiful. Once I'm divorced, you understand that she will no longer be my stepdaughter. Absolutely ZERO relation. Don't worry. When she's 18, and I'm making passionate love with her (amazing, petite, gorgeous, tight, firm, smooth beautiful body, sexy long legs, pretty bare feet n cute toes, full B cup), I'll briefly chuckle to myself about your absurd opinion and how jealous you really are. She loves me, I love her, and we're an amazing couple.

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