Why do people get married?

I divorced my wife many years ago for disloyalty. She openly had the hots for another man and after I left her the man married another woman.

My friends wife of over thirty years left him for no other reason than hse wants to strike out on her own. They had three children together. These are not isolated cases. This is happening a lot these days.

I understand the attraction have for traditional marriage but in this day and time marriage doesn't last and the reasons people break up are usually vague.

My grandparents ere married over sixty years and the marriage only ended when my grandfather died.

My uncle was married and his wife fleeced him for over half the property and the reason she divorced him was because he wanted a relationship with his only child a daughter and her children.

I believe people both male and female have lost their mind and that marriage is an outdated institution.

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  • Seems like a lot of people get into marriage to what they can get out of it in a profitable manner so to speak.

  • I agree that marriage is outdated. Besides, the planet is already overpopulated why bring more miserable human beings into it? Because it's the "normal"thing to do?? How is spending so much time with someone in a relationship that's either based on: money, patching up self esteem issues, or physical attraction, wonderful?? I think it's a f***ing joke.

  • Loser!

  • In your examples, you make it seem like the woman is to blame for why all these marriages failed. The guy was there too. It takes two. Marriage isn't for everyone. It's work. You don't stop working on your relationship or yourself once you get married. It's not a bandaid. If something was broken before you get married, it's going to continue to be broken until both parties make an effort to fix it and not sweep the issue(s) under the rug thinking it will just go away. You have to continually check in with your partner and not take things for granted. And when something does happen, you have to own your part in whatever is happening. There are a lot of challenges these days that our grandparents didn't contend with like social media and p*** being too easily accessible. These things can cause a marriage to fail. When you say your friend's wife left because she wanted to strike out on her own. Maybe it was because she was growing and he wasn't. Maybe she wanted to do things and he wasn't interested. And what do you do? Waste away because your partner wants to not do anything? You really don't know the truth. The only people who know the real truth in any marriage is between the husband and the wife. You know what you're doing or not doing, could be doing better or different etc.

  • Well my mother was forced to divorce my father because of disloyalty. I should have posted that. Sorry. Men can be as bad as women when it comes to doing something wrong although statistics show that women file for divorce twice as often as men.

    Thats not to say that the man didn't deserve it.

  • "the reason she divorced him was because he wanted a relationship with his only child a daughter and her children".Explain please.

  • The child was his daughter from a previous marriage.

  • Just because a couple who've been married a long time doesn't mean their marriage is a happy one. I'm sorry your wife left you, but, honestly, you're better off without her. She doesn't appreciate you.

    Many couples are choosing to remain unmarried and that's the new trend. Don't get married and don't have kids. You'll be happier in the long run. Marriage is an outdated tradition.

  • I know it's so sad!

    People will regret it when they get older though!

    I was married once, and I still think about my ex- husband. I absolutely adored him.

    He just never made any time for me - hanging with his brother was more important :(

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