I'm not sure what to do

At school the other day i found out that this girl that i don't really talk to that often is giving out caffeine pills and some other stuff at school. I found out when she gave my friend a pill right in front of me. I said i didn't see anything and walked away and my friend followed me saying he was just finishing the suply she had and was going to flush what she gave him down the toilet and I completely trust him and believe that he really did that. But I'm worried because it feels like I'm involved now that I know and I don't know if I should tell a teacher about it or what. If i do they'll know I was the one who told because I'm a good, straight A, student council girl and I'm affraid I'll get beat up for snitching, but it's killing me not to tell! Does anyone have any advice? I really need it right now.

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  • If i were you i would stay away for now , i mean ,dont snitch,but your friend should be able to work things out P.S
    caffeine pills are legal , but can be known to have bad side affects!

  • Caffeine pills aren't actually a drug, you can buy them at 7 11.. SO yeah, no need to be a snitch. Plus, if you really did see someone selling actual drugs its best to look the other way. Because you will get beat to keep you quiet.

  • Snitches get stitches tightass...find something else to worry about.

  • Caffeine pills?? oh please, mind your own business.

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