Step daughter tease or misunderstanding?

I'm a 30 year old male and have been married for a little over 3 years. My wife has a daughter from her previous marriage and she's 15 now. Lately, I've been feeling a bit weird towards her because of her actions. She walks around the house with no bra, no panty, and sometimes fully naked. I've always felt that she does it in purpose because I'm always sitting in the living room when this happens. I can see her b**** and nipples which are both nice size and I've also seen her p****. It makes me so crazy and super h****. One day I was off from work and my wife had to go elsewhere for the whole day. I was watching TV when my step daughter came home from school. She strated stripping off her clothes in front of me and bent over to show me her ass and p****. She went straight to the shower leaving the door open and I could see a bit of her while she's taking a bath. At this point I was super hard and confused. On other occasions she'd walk inside the bathroom while I'm in there naked. Nothing happened yet bu her actions are driving me crazy. My wife is going away for a week next month and I'll be home alone with my step daughter. Worried, confused, exited, and super h****. I'm a freaking devil.

Aug 27, 2014

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  • My step daughter shocked the s*** out of my last weekend. My wife and I came home after some drinks and she was watching TV in the living room. Wife went upstairs and I had a seat next to the step daughter. She started giving me s*** so I started giving it back. This heightened to pushing and light wrestling. She pushed me over on my back and her hand ended up in my lap. She fully grabbed my c*** and starred into my eyes. I couldn’t move! She lightly squeezed and said “are you getting excited?” I just nodded. She ran her hand from b**** to head and back. I was getting rock hard. She simply said “it’s big” and got up and went to her room. WTF?!?!

  • I’m not shocked these step daughters know what there doing. It’s all a head game man. Be careful if she is under 18 years. It will get you 20 if you know what I mean.

  • She’s not 18 by a few years...

  • Right

  • Correction. 4 years ago

  • That post was from a years ago, which makes her legal age now. Meaning she is 19 now so go for it.

  • What size are her t*** and how big are her areolas?

  • F*** THE S*** OUT OF THE LITTLE S***

  • Play head games with her. Point out some flaws she has when she pulls that s***. Then build her up and point out some flaws. That little b**** will regret what she has done to you.

  • She's trying to see if you'll protect her but she's not sure if she can trust you, so she shows you her body to invoke a response that will inform her of whether you are safe or not.

    She might feel vulnerable in another aspect of her life and this is her way of asking for help. Generally, a woman will only show her vaginal opening to a man she thinks she can trust.

  • Sounds to me like most of what you think is going on is actually what you really want to be going on so it's just kind of an image in your head. Your way over exaggerating and way over evaluating her intentions. A lot of what you said is pretty far-fetched so it kind of sounds more like fantasy than real life stuff, like you want her to brush up against you and put her keys on the hook and blah blah blah I mean come on dude we read your story and just realize how creepy and desperate and sounds for a little kid! You're twice her age if that was my daughter I'd beat you to a pulp and then beat your pulp to a pulp f****** pedophile piece of s***.> and how about instead of cost taxpayers money to take care of and pay for your creep ass in prison how about you do the entire world a huge solid and just go murder yourself!

  • My stepdaughter turned 18 about 4 months ago. I have been married to her mom for 12 years. Starting around when my SD was 12, up until about a year ago, she would tease me all the time. Lay on the couch with her head in my crotch, stare at my crotch and smile or sigh, walk in on me when I got out of the shower (like open a closed door and come in), always stand really close to me, and brush up against, give me seductive looks, an occasional panty flash (never any skin), stand across the kitchen counter from me, pull her shirt down and look at her own b****, lay on the adjoining couch and put her naked feet on my arm, and make insinuating comments from time to time. I would play back a little, not too much because the whole situation had me nervous. So she would tease me, and I would slightly respond in some way, nothing major. And within a few days or weeks, the next thing I know, my wife is jumping in my ass about whatever it was that I did in response to the flirting. I mean we are talking minor stuff like brushing back against her, maybe a light comment in response to hers, etc... like I said, nothing major. But major enough to my wife to cause her to go off h****** me. I was always wanting to protect my SD, and not tell her mom what she was doing. But after getting chewed up and spit out a few times, I decided to tell my wife everything that my SD was doing.

  • I tried telling my lady about her step daughter and it didn’t go well. Her daughter is 22 years old. Really sad though

  • My wife sat down and listened. But it did not go well. She didn't want to hear that her daughter was doing these things, and didn't want to believe it. Said that it must have been me who was imagining these things, and that I was f---ed up for even thinking that way. I was in shock, like f***, I am screwed, this little b**** is playing me. So I stopped almost all contact with her (my SD) other than basic hello's and goodmorning's...etc. However, she still stares at my crotch and hums or sighs, she always places her shoes on or next to my shoes, puts her car keys over my car keys on the hanger when she has her own hook, and she stashes articles of my clothing in her room, and wears my shirts without asking. She also makes it a point now and then to say that she's "legal", and act like she doesn't know what that means. So I am confused as h*** about her intentions, and/or what she wants. I'll be honest, she is beautiful, and has become very sexy over the last 1-2 years. And yes, I have had thoughts of doin the nasty with her. But she scares the crap out of me. I dont trust that if I approach her and say something about s**, that she won't go running to her mom. Not sure how to take or read her actions and what it all means. Any advice would be appreciated.

  • I would say something directly to the daughter. That if anything was to ever happen she would have to make the first move. So if that is what she wants to put up or move on.

  • Wow. I know someone who went through the same thing. She was pretty relentless, teasing him all of time, walking around naked when nobody else was home, masturbating in front of him. He was afraid to say anything to her mother about it. Finally, she started threatening him and he gave in and started banging her. Then it really went south. She started threatening to tell if he didn't buy her stuff and all that crap. She was absolutely gorgeous but she was a blond hair, blue eyed evil wench.

  • I don't know I want her to respect me as her dad even though she want me to f*** her but I would turn the tables on her ass and i wouldn't do s*** in the long run she will respect me better I don't care want she want I wouldn't do s*** f*** that I'm with her mom and that's that she better get use to living with that fact simple as that.... LMAO

  • Why are you men so stupid what more must we do ? Cant you just f*** us Since I was 12 years old I want to be f***** but I have to beg for it. My steph dad f*** me sine i was 13 after I asked him to

  • If i was your dad id be dressing you c****** in you and sucking it back out

  • Bullshit. A guy wrote that

  • Yesss

  • How old r u now

  • You can f*** my little 20 year old tight p****

  • I would f*** her every day if I were you. Put my load deep inside her

  • What are you waiting for dude? she's throwing herself at you!! s*** if it was me I would've tapped that sweet stuff already...

  • My daughter was 11 when she started developing. She was the biggest in her class and all the boys teased her. At first she hated it but by the end of the school year she was letting all the boys feel her up and loving all the attention (my enraged ex-wife told me this and everything else below). She would just stand there holding her shirt up and let them take turns. Next my daughter got into internet s** and phone s**. She let all the boys play with her.

    When she was 15 she decided it was dad's turn and started acting exactly like the man's step daughter. It drove me nuts. She started telling me what she let all the boys do (including calling me at work to ask me for sexual advise). She wore less and less around my house (I lived alone & divorced from her mom and got my daughter on weekends). I NEVER did anything since I did not want to s**** her up for life.

  • Do it!!!

  • Don't do it.

  • Statutory Rape ! sexual intercourse with a female below the legal age of consent, but above the age of a child, even if the female gave her consent, did not resist and/or mutually participated. In all but three states the age of consent is 18, and the age .

  • The age of consent is meaningless and against the laws of nature, if male and female(no matter what age) mutually choose to engage in any kind of sexual activity together then they should be allowed to do so without any problem from anyone. because the laws of nature are more in tune and harmony with the Universe/God then any man made law could ever be. man made laws are nothing but a perversion of what the true nature of God/Universe is about...

  • This has got to be a fake post what 15 year old strips down and dose that s*** at that age they hide there body and don't like anyone looking at them this is all in your sick head .
    And if she really dose this why doesn't her mom say anything ? ummm
    And your the adult if she really is doing this then you need to be the step dad and tell her this is wrong . not sure why you don't know what to do ?
    Your suppose to protect your wife and daughter and by you questioning her actions you should just leave them your not there to protect them your there to harm them . You do know that is rape if you have s** with an underage girl do you not read the news ? Why do men feel like they can get away with a crime knowing others have fallen into it ?

    I still think it's fake !

  • Not tru these kids are growing super fast

  • I have experienced this and more. My first, and still one of my best, blow jobs came from a 7 yo neighbor girl. She drove the whole thing. Still blows my mind.

  • Wtaf?

  • A girl that age can be very sexually skilled already if she has been introduced to the joys of s** at a very tender age.

  • Don't do it. You probably f*** her,her mother is going to find out and out of spite and hatred you going to get put in jail and become someone's b****

  • Tell wife quick and fast to save yourself from years in jail and a lifetime of being branded a sexual predator.

  • posted this comment on another confession like yours. I will tell you from experience that f****** your stepdaughter will be both an awesome experience and, at the same time, the worst possible thing you could do. My stepdaughter was 18 when she began to behave the same way yours is doing. At times she would even tease me openly when he mother was present, sometimes walking around the house in only her bra and panties. My wife seemed to think her daughter's behavior was normal for a teen and she said she was grateful that her daughter trusted me. It was difficult to ignore the girl, but for nearly two years I resisted the temptation. Finally, about three months ago, while my wife was on an overnight business trip, I gave in and told my stepdaughter that I wanted her. We spent the night f******, first in my bed, then in hers, then in the shower and then again in my bed. It was the most incredibly sensual experience I've had in a long time ... my stepdaughter was everything I imagined, but that one night changed everything. My wife does not know, but now, her daughter and I f*** every chance we get, even if it's only a quickie in the evening before my wife gets home from work. It is daring, it is risky, but that adds to the intense pleasure we both get from our little trysts. Of course, I am still having regular s** with my wife and there have been a number of times when we've made love only a few hours after I've f***** her daughter. I know it is probably just a matter of time before this thing comes crashing down on me, but I will continue doing it because I can't help myself. Tread lightly, my friend. The path you are on leads to disaster.

  • Wow that's a very similar story to me am I real daughter who I've been having sexual contact since she's been 11 years old I never had intercourse with Ashley until she was past puberty she's now 17 and we make love almost every day

  • So...has it led to disaster yet?

  • U think your getting away with it but all deeds will be outed . Your a slime and I hope the step daughter tells her mom out of guilt and kick your ass to the dumpster where you belong !

  • You're nothing but an example of a brainwashed societal stooge, incapable of critical thinking, who would rather go with the flow of majority rule, then to think for yourself... Keep hoping she won't feel guilt for mutually wanting s**, but I understand that's how your kind destroys young peoples souls by intentionally placing guilt on them for something they've done that doesn't sit right with your superior moralistic values..

  • ^ and most likely jail considering the OPs stepdaughter is 15.

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