I'm sorry I shoplifted

I was caught shoplifting last year. I didn't even like what I took and I had ten times the price of that packet of chips in my wallet , but i just took it cuz I was going through a very bad breakup cuz my guy of 5 years cheated on me although I've been the nicest possible version of me..and in that confusion and insanity I told myself that only bad people deserve bad things. So I shoplifted.
The guards stopped me and took me to a room inside where they made me sign a form.I told them it was an honest mistake and they didn't believe it (of course). I had to give my thumb print on paper and they charged me , so I paid them and I left the place.
It has been more than a year and i have not had the guts to step into that store. I feel terrible for doing that. I feel very very guilty cuz this isn't how my parents brought me up.

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  • You're not sorry you did it, you're sorry you faced actual consequences for your actions.

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