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Think about s** all the time. currently aged 33. have been sleeping around since was 17. had all sorts of women and gals. its kind of a disease of the mind. have a wife and two daughters and consider my self to be a very doting father and a husband in all aspects. Am very successful in business. Have a villa, two cars, foriegn vacations, jewellry, watches, shoes, and what not. Just want to kick off the urge of having s** all the time. please help.


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  • You're a man, and men want s** all the time. Deal with it.

  • Not true at all its natural to think about having s**

  • Get real counseling.

  • Kick the urge of having s** or urge to cheat? Having material items and success are all nice, but they won't fill the void if you don't truly love yourself. Maybe that's why you seek attention outside of your marriage...

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