I am The White Lunatic

I am 17 year old guy, friendless, neglected by family, weird (atleast people say so) and uncultured. However I am a huge Batman and Joker fan, and I always wanted to dress up like Batman and be The Joker in style and nature. Three months ago,I was so fed up with life that I decided to be who I want. I made a white version of of the Batman mask and costume and one day skipping school I wore it in an alley and started to walk to the street as The White Lunatic (TWL). People were laughing, many of them were even started to follow me, calling to me.It felt great, I was getting what I never got, but always wanted: attention! At one point I begun to run, and some people begun to chase me, but eventually lost track of me and I became the old ignored me once again. Since then I begun to sneak out of the house, into the street as TWL only at night time, taking along a metal hammer for protection. I would go out into the street making loud noises, throwing stones at houses, killing nasty street dogs, dancing around, stealing stuffs,and running away from people who were chasing me having the best time of my life! But last week,when I was running I was caught by a security guard, and I hit him on the head with my hammer and he was full of blood and I ran away. I feel very guilty as he is still at hospital for cracked skull and likely brain damage. I havent been able to be TWL since then as now the cops are after him (me). But TWL is who I am, and I cant resist being him,but if I be him I will be in serious trouble. Help me please!



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  • Get a syringe, fill it with heroin and overdose.

  • Batman could help?

  • Nice.

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