Friendboy at school and another one at home.

I'm hours away from my home at college. I met a guy over winter break from my home town and we've become friends, but we're also planning on going on a date when we're both home for spring break. He's cool and I do like him.
Now at school I just recently met a guy who wanted to meet me because he thinks I'm pretty. We hung out for a little bit today and watched a movie. I also like him. I'm not sure if I should tell the boy from home about this school boy just yet. Or if I should wait to see what happens and then decide. I've been strung along before and I really want to avoid doing that to either one of them. But I'm also a selfish b**** who doesn't want to ruin what she has with the home boy if the school boy doesn't work out. I realize that's pretty horrible, but I'm a shy and awkward person and it's pretty difficult for me to meet people, especially at school.

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  • F*** 'em both....most girls would

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