I want to be bred

I am considered an attractive woman. i am 34 and financially secure. i have all i want in life other than children. i am not into the conventional relationships all about love, engagements and marriage. i am a woman who feels the need to bear children and as many as i can possibly have before the change of life. my doctor has assured me i have at least 10 yrs to have babies. i really want to start asap. i do prefer one man who is willing to basically breed me over the next ten yrs or so. no responsibilty on your part unless u choose to. Serious inquiries only, would prefer a man 30 plus, race unimportant. Please leave comment with a bit about yourself and if i think you are sincere, i will arrange for us to talk.



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  • I want to see your black c***

  • I am 38. I have done this for a satisfied lesbian cuple. I help out when asked and I respect the boundaries.

  • I am 53 years old I have three girls I would definitely be interested in Breeding you I think it would be a wonderful thing and I think I can give you some wonderful babies I am in good health and I love making love to a Woman I think I can help you out with your issue please contact me thank you

  • I'm interested in helping you with your dream of children. I am a 45 y/o firefighter 5' 10" 185 lbs. I have 3 teenage boys. If interested contact me.
    Thank you.

  • I would love to breed you. I had a business for 40 years but am now retired. I am interested in the next 10 years with you to give you all the children you want.


  • Im a black man 45 years old. I would love to be the man how would breed you.im honest . up frount.im 5 10 175 lbs. 8 in long 2 in thick. if u think your interested. email me at crob938838@aol.com. hope to here from you soon

  • Hi!!!!

  • I wonder how she got on

  • I'm a sexy beast and I gave women pregnancies before I have really potent sperm I donated at sperm bank I'm I'm 45 and I'm 6-4 work everyday

  • I'm 42yo no kids and have a stable life. Hope to find someone to help me be a dad before I lose the ability.

  • I wonder how many times she's been bred in six years?

  • Asian male. B.S. in Chemistry, M.S. in Forensic Science. 5'1" 195 pounds. Atheletic. :) hi, I have fantasy of spreading my gene across the world. Isn't that what our specie is meant to do essentially? Let me know if you would like to be a vessel. drjojoba@protonmail.com

  • Would like to help you have as many babies as you want....please contact me

  • Hello madame can i ask you a series of security questions so i may gain access to your bank account????

  • I love that men can't read the 6 years ago posting date lol

  • There's no statute of limitations on Confessionpost,and even less of one on stupidity

  • I’m 30 I’m 6 tall blk male I would love to help you with this

  • I am looking for females from out of our Galaxy to breed with and have space children with and with all hopes I would like to have 77 children in all.

  • Lol

  • Stay with whites when breeding. We've got enough Niggs running around without jobs.


  • Too late, the planet is brown you Fascist mong

  • Of course it's brown in 1987 they told us Earth would burn up by the year 2000. That should proof doomsday sayers like Cortez is a dipstick and should not be taken serious but since then new brainwashed fools have been born.

  • N****** are all about this... Breeding low life's.

  • Y'all are dumb
    This is from 5 years ago

  • There's no statute of limitations on Confessionpost,and even less of one on stupidity!!

  • I’ll nut in your butt or your gut....whichever you prefer

  • Last post from 50 ish man contact KluckerTrucker1@hotmail.com if your intrested in being bred

  • 50 ish man with a very high drive, and needing to get a good release as much as i can, very willing to breed you and give you as many babies as you wish to have

  • 27 year old in Lincoln, IL s** drive is higher than most and looking to breed someone. Brown hair, blue eyes, 5'10 average build. Message me at kbakkn2191@yahoo.com

  • 50 yo true alpha male biker. Well educated married white male. My wife doesn't want more kids but I'm still wanting to make more. I'm on a mission myself to find a woman who wants to breed and take my seed as often as possible.
    I'm good looking salt and pepper hair, dark blue eyes, 6' 215 lb.
    Long and strong that can go for hours on end..rinse repeat

  • I'd love to help you out if you are still working on this. 31 SWM
    that has fathered 3 kids and bred one woman who wanted to be a single mother. afriendlyniceguy@gmail.com

  • 38 that was a typo

  • How are u sweetheart.
    Email me.

  • Send info if you still looking at avezat69@yahoo.com ... If we hit it off maybe I can help you out ... Take care

  • I am a SWM 51 from Long Island, an Aries with many good qualities, and i have been looking to do this for a long time. certainly hope you come find me... i'm @ modestyrecording@hotmail.com

  • If youre looking for a good chance at having twins; i carry that gene if yourr interested still?

  • Are you still looking? I'm a white guy 37. If your still looking email me at zombiehunter33@aol.com.

  • Hello!

    I am a 39 years ols Swedish man.
    I like taking long walks in the nature, music, reading books, train karate.
    I do want to make Children.
    That is inte of my biggest dreams and turnons.
    Please wright to mrbjern@gmail.com

    Whit love Björn

  • My wife is 63. When she was 19 she wanted to be black bred. Even now she is still attracted to bbc!

  • I would like to see that

  • That's hot

  • To still see my wife dressing for black men is so sexy. I even bought her sexy outfits to attract black friends. To see bbc in all her holes is v. erotic!

  • I would like to see that

  • Want to see my picture?

  • I want to see that

  • I want to see that too

  • I'm looking for women to live with me & who will get a job & live with me & who are bisexual & breed & makes babies with me... Who are also bisexual & interested in s** with bi women also...lkool32@yahoo.com

  • Send me a line mrdaddydomic@gmail.com

  • Somebody please get plyon a woman .jeeeez. 😂

  • You guys might think the woman asking to be bred is probably a university student or feminist doing a project.
    If she is she will never get "bred" or a man for life.

  • The man you want is me

  • Hello i'm 36 year old white guy if you are still looking I would love to breed you

  • 30 year old i helped lots off women here in ireland off all ages.

  • Hi. I have bred a woman previously very successfully. She had 6. I have also been a sperm donor. Are you still looking for someone? I'm 39. Tall. Average build

  • Do you have email?

  • You can breed me

  • Where do you I've? I am handsome, and safe

  • Good morning!Hope your day is going well?I would be interested in helping you conceive your children if you are still looking?

  • Hi iam pat single 36 7" pens slim build love to help u bred kids for u

  • Hello

  • Have you found anyone yet?
    If not, I'd be willing

  • Still looking here

  • I'm a white male 36. Still looking to be bred?

  • Yes

  • Still looking to be bred?

  • Try me at zip 69153

  • Kathie wants some black c***

  • 9 inches long please

  • 20 year old male here. I am not to attractive but if you are looking to be filled I will and can help you keep babies inside you. Reply to this comment and I will give you contact information.

  • Email?

  • Kgberry59@gmail.com

  • I can be seen here

  • I want to see your c***

  • Show me your c***

  • Are you really black? how long is your c***?

  • 8 inches

  • Great for me

  • I can be bred in zip 69153

  • Find me a bull

  • Want my bull to breed me

  • Want to breed my wife sister

  • I am safe i can take your sperm without getting pregnant

  • Plese f*** me here

  • See me here

  • My picture

  • I am a 26 year old male. I don't date casually. I was overcome with an urge to actually breed for the first time today. I barely understand this urge. I have long felt that the world needs to be made a better place, but I didn't really understand that breeding was something I wanted to do in order to do so until today. If you think I am someone who would be worthwhile to do this with, please contact me and let me know. my email address is lyiffoi(at)gmail(dot)com.

  • I'm a 21 year old mixed male. Attractive, 5"10 1/4 inches, 192ibs (athletic build). I have an IQ that is above the national average. I also have several athletic accomplishments under my belt as well.

    If you desire any additional details about my cosmetic, physical, mental, spiritual, personal, or athletic attributes please email me @ mikemurky2540845@gmail.com
    (Mike Murky is not my name)

  • I'm also looking to be bred, in NYC, 40 year old f, very healthy and fertile, very sexual and open-minded, educated, responsible, caring; strawberry blonde, blue eyes, full-figured, curvy, feminine body, large b******; very serious and real, older man preferred; can't wait to be seeded and feel your baby grow inside me, open to different arrangements.
    Please e-mail: kinkymature@outlook.com
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  • I want you to breed me

  • Be glad to where are you

  • I’m 63 yr old man I have bred a lot of women I’m DDF with great results

  • Are you ready for m e

  • I am kathie and i want you to f*** me

  • Want a 9 inch bull

  • I want the bull to breed me doggy style

  • You want bred

  • Hurry iam h****

  • F*** me please

  • Ill breed u

  • Hi I will Breed. you i shoot a lot of sperm

  • Good i i want a black baby

  • Has someone already bred you?
    If not, I'm willing

  • I would like to chat. sunnysandybeaches12@gmail.com seeking a woman that does not want limits.

  • I will breed you 29wm really fertile

  • If interested email me @camarojok@gmail.com

  • I'm all for it. I'm a male Caucasian (Italian-looking) from South America. 30 years old, good looks (I can share pics by e-mail if you want), healthy, IQ far above average. Since your post is four years old, this means I have enough time to give you at least 3 babies if you so desire. Contact me at lvxferrepc@gmail.com , I can't wait to see you with a huge belly looking at me and saying "look at what you did".

    BTW I'm a great cooker. You're going to need someone to feed you before and after our child[ren] is/are born. ;)

  • If you are interested shoot me a email. Highlifereturns@yahoo.com subject: "you said so".

  • Are you still trying? Wingedwolf92139@yahoo.com

  • I feel the same 24 years old attractive and want to have several babies

  • If you still interested in having several babies ill help you with that I have made 5 kids and the girl friend doesn't want more but I do you can email me at kegs6381@yahoo.com if your still interested

  • If you're interested in this email me at hiddentruthofgod@gmail.com and let me know what I'm working with and vice versa. I'm looking forward to sharing info :)

  • Where are you located are you still looking are you willing to meet in public and go from there sgtusmc70@gmail

  • I want to see you then you can see me

  • Yes I will

  • Let you see me if i can see you

  • Hey if you still want someone to give you a child im your guy

  • Still looking to have several babies? I'm all for it.

  • Hey if you want to have babies all the time I'm the man I'm fertile if your interested email me kegs6381@ yahoo.com

  • If interested email me Camarojok@gmail.com

  • If you are interested shoot me a email. Highlifereturns@yahoo.com subject: "you said so"

  • Location?.

  • Donnieperrine @hotmail.com
    If you are serious and want to be kept bred and satisfied daily then give me a email.
    I'd also like to raise a son or daughter

  • Are you still seeking a man to breed you ? I have three kids with one woman but she didn't want more I want to breed again if your still looking can't act me
    Robertsmth316@gmail . Com

  • You really want to make more babies ?

  • I can help if your real

  • Iam real

  • Seeking a black man well hung

  • If your still interested ... avezat69@yahoo.com ... Will write more when contacted ... Thanks for time

  • Poor Pete,

  • He needs help guys,,, so sorry

  • Pete's crazy yes crazy to put his business out there,,,,,

  • Six foot seven, young and fertile. Email me at boerrigtertristan@gmail.com

  • I am a 42-year-old male from South Carolina brown hair green eyes 5 foot nine . You can email me at Fitzgerdf@gmail.com

  • I forgot to give you my email Zombiehunter33@aol.com. It's me for the message before

  • 36 male white 6'0 170ish reddish brown hair blue eyes. From NW Chicago burbs I would love to breed you for as long as you want. If your still looking

  • 21 year old 6'3 guy here I know you said 30 but being younger I can breed you as long as you need and am willing to no strings attached or however you want it just email me at nvhayden15@ yahoo.com if you wanna do this believe me you won't regret it

  • Hey if your still looking please email me at creativecity1@yahoo.com I'd love to meet up and I keep you bred. I would like to talk and would like to have some role as the father but we can discus further va email. I do hope that this catches your attention.

    From a man who wishes to have as many kids as he can.

  • Ok, I'm sure there are ton of dudes that have replied.
    I have 3 kids and love them all. Making them is just as fun as having them.

  • Married man here just looking to bred you no strings.

  • I would like to breed you too. that would sure beat F**king the hole in the fence

  • If you're still looking to be bred email me at sgtusmc70@gmail.com

  • I want to be bred where are you?

  • Sarasota

  • Ogallala nebraska

  • F*** me ne ar here

  • Still wanting to be bred

  • Contact me

  • Just throwing this out there... My g/f and I decided to have a relationship without contraception until we both feel we are a full house. She's 23, i'm 45. I met her when she was 19yo, and we hot to work immediately. She breast feeds as a natural form of contraception up until 8 or 9 months, then it's just a matter of playing with clear cervical mucus, no problem! I am in a position to have one other woman who is interested in joining us, she's about 34yo. She's in a sexless marriage, and had enough of it. She also wants children (without the limit restrictions.) I am unpeturbed by having multiple partners in a polyfidelity relationship. Only in certain countries it's viable.

  • Is that all u can get besides me?? I'm better than that !!! Lol!

  • This site is for dirty filthy minds,,,

  • Pete why are u posting comments here on this site and why put out your personal business like that out there, that's crazy....for one thing,

  • 24 years old. stark072500@gmail.com

  • Hi Kathie please don't email Pete he has a girlfriend ,,, when he's emailing u ,,, hes not thinking or thinking clearly,,, he's needs to tell me where he wants to go in this relationship u know he confuses me when he posts these comments,,,, no he is not thinking clearly when he emails other women no he is not,, I guess maybe I need to talk with him again maybe possibly break up yes,,, sincerely yours truly,,, Becky Rebecca

  • Male, 30s, Canadian, 6'6 250 lb rugby player with a degree in psychology and engineering (odd combination I know) if I interest you, feel free to email me. flood.cory@gmail.com

  • I'm looking for women's email address, so I can chat, lonely and want to have fun. plyon1966@gmail.com

  • That's not very nice Pete, whatever

  • I haven't c** in about three days, my b**** are full of the male reproductive fluid right now, I'm ready to breed a woman tonight. plyon1966@gmail.com

  • Prositute picker upper

  • Go ahead and prositute Pete that's what it sound like what u want to do yes, thats not respectful or nice to me

  • Hey its peter again, do you know any other women who want a baby? I would love to help, I don't know if it's my age(49), or what but when I e******** my testicles produce a healthy looking load of sperm. I want to make babys. Plyon1966@gmail.com

  • Stop Pete you're f***** crazy stop u can not support a child u can not even support yourself so stop!!!!!!

  • Don't post anything on confessions post.com if you don't people to respond to nasty weird inappropriate postings,

  • Stop putting your personal business on the web,,,,crazy lady

  • What the h*** is this site???

  • Hi I'm peter, I'm 49 and I'm healthy, and handsome. I'll be sincere. I would love the opportunity to help you have a baby. plyon1966@gmail.com thank you

  • I am white 45 stand 5'9" am of avg build brown hair blue eyes and tink about this often and I like to help people I'm in southern Ca and would want to meet in person in public to discuss and go from there if you're interested email me at sgtusmc70 on my gmail account

  • 23, 5'8, brown eyes, muscular, single, military, contractor, if interested email me at krodriguez2249@gmail.com

  • 28 white man, blue eyes, brown hair, skinny 7 inch c***. College graduate working as manager. Wanting to give you joy of children im married no kids here if interested. email at punk14roh@gmail.com

  • I'm 25 yo middle eastern boy and I would love to breed you.

  • I am ready to breed the little c** dumpster you are and an alpha male as my successful career can confirm.

  • Bred 2 wifes (3 kids) bred 2 married women total 3 more > 3 single girls (3) not what u have but how its used!

  • Looking for well hung black man

  • I am 30 + Oh how sad u need to be cherished pampered and seduce before being bred > good luck enjoy

  • Hi I am a fit intelligent muscly very hung black guy and would be happy to breed you . I have bred 5 other women successfully my sperm is potent and very fertile and always hit the spot . I love to help women and give them the pleasure of having children . I travel a lot and can come to you we can meet for a drink and chat first or just get down to hot business anything you like . If you would like to find out more email me @ asher_30@hotmail.co.uk .

    Speak to you soon X

  • I would love to watch u breed my girlfriend . Dump your Hot load deep in her p**** and ass so I can watch it pour out

  • 53 yr old who has 18yrs experience as a Bull. Well educated and traveled. Clean, discreet and healthy. Have bred 4 other females . One of them twice. Would be happy to breed you regularly too. Ca nbe contacted at sx4u2uk@hotmail.co.uk

  • I am 55 yes old and have already bred 2 married women. Not looking for a relationship just a woman that wants to be pregnant for many years and bear many of my children

  • I would love to breed you and give you as many babies as you want

  • Would love to talk and see i could help

  • Good

  • Having children is a gift n to be cherished. Giving life is the easy part but raising them is where the hard part begins but I've given several n raised several. If you're interested here's a email dfxwinamp10@gmail.com

  • Hi there im a single intelligent white male here. would love to find a woman or women who would like to be bred for the purpose of having a child and no real emotional attachment to the father. im 20, single white male, currently in university, i am 6'2, have brown hair and blue eyes with an athletic build. if anyone would like my seed please contact me at casualguyh@outlook.com

  • Where are u from?

  • I will breed you with alot. contact me at businessman87@rocketmail.com

  • I want you to f*** me

  • Kathie wants to be black bred

  • Find email address of a bull. he be glad to f*** you

  • Want email address of a bull

  • Find me a black bull

  • I'm 23, athletic, played sports my whole life, love working out, 6'0 brown/blonde hair and blue eyes, 6'0 185 pounds. Graduate with my bachelors this semester. Guaranteed best looking guy on this thread. Just got out of a 5 year relationship.

  • Well i will breed with you as much as possible. Every 9 months if you want and even give you fertility drugs so u can have as many as possible im 33 wgite and my email is malex7981@gmail.com

  • I am black 28 years old 6foot2 slim Jamaican born in London ready to breed you blade.1234@HOTMAIL.CO.UK

  • I would be happy to take black c*** any time
    Kathie kgberr@lakemac.net

  • How long is your c***?

  • Kathie can you email me at plyon1966@gmail.com can we chat, I'm worth it

  • I will do this

  • Kathie wants f***** real good

  • Kathie can u please not email or text Pete again , he has a wife , i read all the postings , comments and ill talk to him sorry about that, thank u

  • I cant have kids anymore but would enjoy 9-10 inch black c***

  • Use a good black toy

  • Kathie wants black c***

  • I am black 28 years old 6foot2 slim Jamaican born in London ready to breed you

  • would be happy to have you breed me! How long is your c***??

  • A nice and thick 7.5 inch p**** that loves to make girls pregnant. plyon1966@gmail.com

  • I would be happy to help you in your quest, please feel free to reply any time :)

  • How long is your c***? want it to reach my fornix for good o*****

  • I have 9 inch black c***. would love to breed kathie

  • Where are you sweetie?? iam at zip 68153

  • Zip 69153

  • I can breed you in ogallala

  • Where at?

  • Good I want to see you. then you can see me pictures

  • I want to show you what I look like you show first

  • Good for me too

  • Show me what you look like and your stiff c***

  • Ready for you you ready for me

  • I have my picture

  • I wanted to see that black c***

  • I definitely fit the part. You're clearly an intelligent woman who knows what she wants, which is most important and I like that. I too want children but am not into the whole marriage trap so this would work out perfectly. Let's see if we match up well and, hopefully, give you all the babies you need.

    A little about me...

    I'm an extremely creative problem solver, math genius, with an artistic side. I'm one of those guys who can excel at anything that I focus on, very fortunate. I also lead a healthy lifestyle.

    Green Eyes
    Brown Hair
    142 IQ
    Great bone structure.
    College graduate
    Executive / VP
    Type O, rh-
    No allergies.
    28 years old (1986)

    I found this post using a Google search and I don't have an accountant on here. If you're interested to learn more, which you should be, shoot me an email at junkmail.pfm@gmail.com. I don't want to disclose my primary email for discretion reasons since this is a public board. But I do check it regularly.

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


  • Hi, I would be happy to breed with you for as long as you require. i love kids, and could help out also. I am 6'2" 47 years young non smoker.Please reply to roger_pascoe66@hotmail.com

  • Are you black?? I want black man

  • You disgusting race mixing traitor... i thought race didn't matter? You'll just be supporting a black man that uses you and have a bunch of low IQ mongrels

  • I am a 30 year old white man, thick muscular build, with excellent family history. Brown hair and eyes 5'11". Glad to respectfully breed with you for as long as you want. Please get back to me woodsman2013@hushmail.com

  • My earlier offer was quite serious. If you're interested, I hope you will reply and we can at least discuss the possibilities. I adore kids and I would love to have them in a family oriented lifestyle, with a woman who wants to build a warm and happy home where children are cherished and strongly desired. I am a Caucasian male, older than you and looking to build a strong and loving family. I'm not looking to duck out on any responsibilities. I want lots of children... no upper limit but a minimum of 8 to 10 if I can have exactly what I want. I have no qualms about breeding a woman of any race. But I would prefer someone who has no sexual hang ups and who does not want to ever put off having another child.

  • I'm interested in having a large polygamous family with the idea of raising many children. If I could find a woman willing to help me make this a reality, I would cherish her forever and be forever grateful.

  • I think this is sexy, I'd be willing to bred you for the next 10 years, that's close to 10 kids. I wouldn't want to be involved I don't think. I would love to spend night upon night leaving my seed deep in your womb. Want2hearyourmoans@gmail

  • I want a lot of seed in me deep

  • Sounds good to me

  • I would love to breed you.

    It's a mans dream to father children with no responsibility of any sort.

    If that were reality, I would have a hundred kids right now.

  • I live in Canada,

    I want to have kids, but not have any attachment. If you are willing to put it in writing that you won't be chasing me for child support and think you can raise it on your own, lets do this!

  • I want to f*** the s*** out of you

  • I wish you were here. I need to be black bred

  • I am Kathie and want a black hung stud to f*** me

  • I will f*** you

  • Where you at?

  • When

  • Kathie is seeking a bull need his email please

  • Email of bull for me

  • Find email address of a bull for me

  • Try me at becber59@gmail.com

  • I want your black seed

  • I want your seed b**** deep in me

  • Heres where I can be bred 69153

  • Nice bull for you what do you look like?

  • I have a picture of me

  • Might have a bull for you

  • Might have a bull for you kathie

  • I hope so!

  • I wanna make this the lucky year for you and me.I am ready to breed you asap.I strongly would love to have or know that I have a bi-racial child;you are the kind of lady I have been looking for for years and I am delighted to find you, finally.Please email me today so that we can get started on making our mutual dreams come true.I hope to hear from you or another deserving woman,any marital status, with similar desires.Best wishes.

  • don't like dateing sites, just want babydad2015 to f*** me deep

  • What do you look like

  • Will show you later

  • Try the websites Meetme & eHarmony. They're great for finding people with similar desires.

  • I am also interested

  • Im pretty sure you wont have any problems finding a f***-buddy to get you pregnant

  • Hi,
    I would love to breed you.I have healthy kids,am divorced and unattached currently.I am tall, dark, handsome,kind, well educated and well meaning.I am a responsible dad(even the courts have agreed with me) and have kids in good colleges.It sounds like you can provide well for our kids and that sounds awesome to me.I would love to contribute...maybe we can have shared parenting.
    Since this is a public forum and this topic is very dear to me,I feel uncomfortable to share my thoughts here in greater detail.If we happen to talk privately,you will find out that I am the guy you will desire to be the father and dad to you kids.


  • Kathie finaly got black bred

  • I thought he was going to break my rib getting that c*** into me

  • Black c*** w as very long felt good anyway

  • His nuts were big he emptied them in me

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