Craving a Mixed Baby by next year

I am a black guy and will be 50 years old in May,2015. All I want by then for a present, that I will treasure and cherish for the rest of my life and beyond, is a bi-racial child.I would prefer to have the child with a woman who has no other children;but beggars cant be choosers so will be thankful for any opportunity.I would even consider doing that with a married woman or couple.This is not a fantasy,it will be my life long dream come true.

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  • That doesn't mean it will happen so easily for you however. mixed babies are often troublesome kinds and spoilt and bratty, adhd and other mental illnesses.

  • Its now January, 2015 and I haven't found a good woman to have a baby with yet:)

  • i totally under stand what the other white women said about this topic and i totally agree that we all have the natural urge to be taken by black men. i also agree that its not just for s** but for procreation. or may be expecially for procreation. may be that is what it all comes down to. that there is something that drives us in that direction. my middle daughter even told me once that she read that the wombs of white females secrete some kind of hormone that makes us all long to be taken by black men and impregnated by black men and even that black men can smell it on us when its being secreted by our wombs. if thats true then there is nothing that a marriage to a white man can do to stop it and there is no wedding vows in the world that could slow it down. even more direct than that there is nothing that a white husband or boyfriend could do to stop a black man who has smelled it on us from doing whatever he needs to do to respond to that scent: the black man who smells it is going to take what he wants and what his own nature demands that he do. its how we are made.

  • You sound so totally informed and open minded.We need more women like you and your middle daughter.The following is an excerpt from a book about a white daughter who fell in love with slave.I got it from"Tempie James fell in love with this Negro coachman. Nobody knows how long they had been in love before Tempie's father found it out, but when he did he locked Tempie in her room. For days he and Miss Charlottie, his wife, raved, begged and pleaded, but Tempie just said she loved Squire.

    "Why will you act so?'"Miss Charlotte was crying. "Haven't we done everything for you and given you everything you wanted?"

    Tempie shook her head and said: 'You haven't given me Squire. He's all I do want.''

    Then it was that in the dark of the night Mr. James sent Squire away; he sent him to another state and sold him. But Tempie found it out. She took what money she could find and ran away. She went to the owner of Squire and bought him, then she set him free and changed his name to Walden Squire Walden. But then it was against the law for a white woman to marry a Negro unless they had a strain of Negro blood, so Tempie cut Squire's finger and drained out some blood. She mixed this with some whiskey and drank it, then she got on the stand and swore she had Negro blood in her, so they were married. She never went back home and her people disowned her".

  • you used a word that most people are afraid of when it comes to interracial relationships: "love". no body realy wants to admit that what the white woman is feeling is love. they all ways want it to be about s** or some baser urge or the scratch of some "itch" or something that her body is leading her to without having engaged her mind. i think all that is bull s*** just total bull s***. a white woman entering a relationship with a black man has love and romance on her mind she doesnt just have desire in her t***. yes the s** with a black man is incredible and its amazing and yes we want to be taken but we think of it in terms of love and romance and of finally FINALLY finding a man (a real man) who wants us and who is willing to give his everything to us every time we are to gether. white women who have been taken by a black man will under stand that. white women who have never "gone black" won't under stand that at all. thank you for being so bold as to describe the white females relationship with her black male as "love". you are so so so so so so so right! thank you!

  • Hi, I'm a 31wf. I've been married for 11 years and have had no children of my own. My husband and I have adopted one child and are in the process of adopting another. I have never told my husband but I have fantasized about going out and finding a man or men to impregnate me (he can't do it, even with medication help). And nearly all the fantasies I have are of black males taking me, knocking me up, and totally ruining me so badly that my husband can't satisfy me anymore (not that he ever truly could, but the s** was mostly okay, just not thrilling). I'm too timid to ever really do it, but just the idea of being pregnant for a black man while my husband and parents have no idea that I'm carrying a mixed race child is the most exciting thing I can think of. I mean, yes, I would totally want the s** and for the father to be part of my life and our child's life, and for him to remain my lover, while my husband is forced to take a secondary role in my life and the child's life, but carrying and raising a black man's child is so sexy to me. I guess that is a cruel thought to want my husband beat down and inferior, forced to watch me with a black baby, but I swear to God: the thought is the hottest thing in my mind and in my life. My husband and I are so conventionally white and so conservative, that this would not happen, but a girl can dream, can't she? :) I think lots of other white women feel like I do so I believe you will live your dream.

  • What state you live in? I am willing and ready to knock you up and give you a biological baby of your own.Its your mutual dream and mine and very right n noble.31 is just perfect.Our baby will make your life so normal,complete and fulfilled.Since your hubby loves the adopted kids,he will sure love your biological one.Take me very seriously,think about it,talk to hubby if you have to and let me know what you think.Him and I can discuss it, if necessary and jointly make this happen as soon as you are ready.

  • Total agreement^. all women like us have w**** fantasies (or even rape fantasies) but white women especially tend to gravitate toward black men in their fantasies. mostly cause of c*** size and c** volumes and f*** power. g******* those n****** know how to throw that c*** around! sorry to say but white women are usually too reserved to go get with a black man much less to get him to knock her ass up no matter how bad she wants it.

  • She is so right. White women really want and need black men to satisfy them. All of us want and need that: it's built into our DNA (but that's another story for another day, and I could write about that for weeks). Even the ones who saaaaaaay they "would never" totally would. Sometimes the ones who are the most bigoted are the ones who either need the black c*** the most or are already on the black c*** big time and won't ever get off it (usually because they couldn't get off it if they tried). I've never pretended to not have the natural hunger for them, but I've had white girlfriends who were total racists around our other friends and yet were traipsing over to the black side of town for their "fixes". Addiction is a powerful force, and there's nothing more addictive to a white woman than a black d***. Unless, of course, it's multiple black d****. :) And yes, what this gal said is so true: "those n****** know how to throw that c*** around". What a great line!!! I agree!

  • H***, yes, there's nothing that a white woman wants more than multiple black d****. I'll never give them up. Never. Not even if my husband catches me with one in my mouth, one in my p****, one in my a******, and one in each hand.

  • i hope your husband DOES catch you.....and kills your n*****-loving ass. lying filthy deceitful nasty diseased b**** w****. your disgusting.

  • Why so much hate?

  • I agree with you and will be delighted for life,just to knock a nice responsible loving white girl up and give her a biracial child!

  • .....f****** n******.............

  • sick f***.

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