My parents destroyed me

The woman I called mum for so long verbally and physically abused me. It is still going on. She doesn't know it and acts like a saint in front of everybody.

The disgusting man who is unfortunately my biological father mentally abused me. He even has the cheeks to call us ungrateful when HE LEFT US FOR A YOUNGER B****.

This brings me to point where my mum abuses me both ways. She channels her frustration on me because I am the youngest and most dependent therefore least likely to fight back.
Pretty sick huh?

My sister joins in. She likes it when I get berated.

Wonderful family I have.

Epic family life, school life was s***** too.

I have been diagnosed with dysthymia and I think I will one day pull the plug on my life.

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  • Dysfunction everywhere. The abuse has got to stop sometime. 911, maybe? Because what your mother is doing is unhealthy and harmful. She doesn't deserve to have you.

  • Please don't. Just move or run away

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