No one knows...

Hey! I am a 12 year old girl and I think I am suffering from depression....I want to die...Sometimes I think of grabbing a knife and ending my life right there and then...I was abused by my father up until late last year...I always fight with my mum. I also think I have bi-polar like my father. I need someone to talk to...But no one knows, All my friends at school think I have a normal life, They have no idea what happens at home. Just this morning me and my mum stopped talking, and when your a child and your being ignored by your parents it's hard to cope. My Dad doesn't want to talk to me my mum wants me to get rid of me but she can't..Because the truth is...No one wants me... I had to move from all of my old friends because we had to move away for my dad because he tried to kill my mum, Which means I have no friends at all and most people at my new school bully me. At school I am a bubbly person,Nice, friendly always smiling..But I do this so know one knows how hurt I am and how many times I have wished on a shooting star to die....Well this is my story, No one will probably read this whole thing up to here....

Jun 19, 2012

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  • Hey I'm 14 and a male I've moved let's see like 4 times I've been bullied by my used to be friends I could kick the living s*** out of them I just hold it back thinking that it would ruin my life so I have to hold it back and I always think they bully me I figure because their p***** and are jealous everyday I think how I could stab them and choke them stab them and put salt in their stab wounds and that's how a get through the day just thinking of it always cheers me up

  • I'm sorry for how you feel but I've been there myself. You may feel totally alone but believe me you're not. You put up a front so no one can see your true pain. Other kids your age are doing the same thing. You may feel you have the worst family in the world, believe me you don't. When I was your age my father killed himself. A short time later my mother overdosed on crack and died. My older brother took his own life too. I got shuffled from foster home to foster home. I was constantly picked on and bullied but I never let it show how much it all hurt. I had it planned to end it all. Everything was prepared. Before I went through with it I thought back to one of he happiest times of my life and realized that I was about to cheat myself out of ever experiencing that again. I would cheat myself out of growing up and having fun and being loved. I knew it would happen if I just held on and fought the depression. Thankfully I did and things are a lot brighter now. Don't cheat yourself out of the happiness that is entitled to you. It may not be tomorrow or the next day but you will be happy one day.

  • Please listen to the other two comments. They are right, you may not feel like someone cares or loves you but I promise you they really do.
    I have been very fortunate in my life and the career that I have chosen. I work every day with young adults like yourself. Please do yourself a favor and find that one person you can talk too. Like a counselor at school, a minister or preacher, teacher, a law enforcement officer, or even a neighbor. I don't want to have to read about a young person doing something that their parents will regret for the rest of their lives, in a news paper. I want to read about a fine young woman doing something great with her life. PLEASE find that person you can trust and talk to them.

  • 13 was the year I felt most depressive. I know you feel like no one understands you and that you're alone and your life sucks, but just hold in there. They say that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I'm so glad I didn't kill myself like I wanted to at 13. I'll be leaving for college soon, and though my life still sucks, it did get better since there. So just hang in there!


  • You are loved! Don't give up. Find a teacher or counsellor at school who you can talk to; they will help! Things will get better and there are people who care.

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