Lieing to go to the Easter Show

This year I wanted to go to the Easter show with my friend from my primary school and her school friends. I told my parents that her sister was driving us there and my parents agreed. They wanted me to at least be driven there by someone and that someone would be there while we were there.
When I arrived at my friends house she told me that he sister didn't want to drive us as none of her friends were going to the Easter show. If her sister couldn't drive us then my friends mum would have to go off work to drive us, and I didn't want to make her Mum take off work for us. Although my friends' friends were going to take the bus there so finally i called my parents up to ask if i could go- but i told them i different story.

I told my Mum that my friends' sister was sick and couldn't take us and her Mum was in a meeting and couldn't take us. I asked if i could take the bus, Mum agreed and let me go. I know it really isn't that big of a deal but I'm rather close with my parents and I have guilty conscience over that.

I must admit that I've been able to lie to my parents since. But I don't regret that experience, it was one of the best days of my life, but that experience has made me have to lie to my parents even more, like how we got lost and lost each other and how we weren't always together during the day and about my friends' friends how they drink alcohol and take drugs... but i definitely don't regret it.

Sep 8, 2010

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