I dont now what to say...
I feel like killing my self...I feel so alone and that nobody cares.They say they do but in there eyes i can see the truth ,that im nothing...I feel like i cant do eney thing rite ... I feel pefetic. I wish i could be more brave and feel love......

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  • Make believe that right now you are in the middle of a lake and are drowning, what do you do to survive? It is up to you to make your life worthwhile. Your destiny is written by your own hand. You need to reach inside yourself and feed that insecure, quiet and weak human being some knowledge, confidence and power. Find one thing that you really like to do and nourish it.

    Care for yourself. We're not all functionimg at 100% all the time so take care when you realize that you need help. If need be call a distress centre, there are people there that care and want to make sure you survive when you feel alienated, powerless and lonely.

    A hug (x).

  • You are not alone, try finding the truth about life. get busy , get hobbies. and walk away from bad things. trust me. bad things make u sad

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