The Boy with a Google Tshirt

Hi, I will not disclose my name but I hail from India (Ghaziabad). I am 23 and very much straight and have a girlfrnd aswell from a year.I know its kind of weird but the gym which I go Ünique(UFO)"there comes a guy. He is of medium height and beautifully build some what tending towards lean look and mostly he wears the same T shirt with Google written over it. The confession is that when ever I look at him I feel like smooching him (I dont knw why) and wants to have a wild session with him. The guy hardly speaks to any 1. He come with his friend mostlty to the gym in evening 7 pm,but He is DAM hot...infact hottest ( hve ever seen). The way he looks ,smiles and talks just makes me mad and in a recent incident when I was having s** with my girlfriend, I was imagining that guy. I dont know his name and where he comes from but I think I have a BIG sexual problem , which I am not able to handel.I feel like talking to him, playiing with him, S** with him and spending my whole life with him. I am getting crazy. I am just too much into him (Virtually) that I am turning crazy. I am not able to concentrate in my work or so. I just want that BOY WITH A GOOGLE T-SHIRT.

Feb 12, 2013

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  • Dude talk to him, and confess your feelings later, but atleast break that wall between u and him, the wall of silence

  • Just talk to him and get close to him ,so he can know and trust you.
    after you guys are friends, maybe try confessing to him.

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