I want to be spanked like a kid

When i was young i was abused but unlike every one else i enjoyed what happened to me so since that time i have been looking for a woman who would treat me the same way i was
treated when i was abused



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  • When you said you were abused are you saying you were just spanked? I hate the idea of spankings but I don't think it's severe abuse unless its for no reason and that someone who is spanking you has a spanking fetish.

  • Someday people will learn the difference between a specifically timed swat on the butt and a backhand to the face. Apples and oranges. But no fragile-minded little breeder is capable of seeing the difference. I'm so glad people like that are raising kids, the sociopathic parent-abusing narcissists that result when they grow up sure makes all that "gentle discipline" worthwhile!

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