Sexually Repressed

I was sexually abused from a very young age until I was 18 by various people in my family in various ways. I no longer see or speak to these people (which I feel guilty about). I have only ever had three boyfriends, of whom I've only ever slept with one, and that was an ordeal. I didn't tell him I'd been abused.

I haven't had a relationship or s** since we broke up 10 years ago. I'm terrified at the prospect of dating and having s** again, even though I know I'll have to do this.

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  • Go L****.

  • you answered a question I've always had....lack of s** will not kill you...thanks

  • God loves you more than you will ever know

  • I was abused much like you were but I am a s**/love addict whatever it may be. I stopped talking to my family members as well, you do not owe them anything. They owe you for all the abuse you endured and should be locked up so they don't hurt anyone any longer. I deal with the emotional scares still and have behaved myself yet it is very hard for me to trust men and women to since they covered up for my abusers. I really feel your pain, I should get help too.

  • Holy S***, you need professional help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You no longer see/talk to people who used to abuse you....
    Seriously. Get some help.

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