I want to be used, abused and then thrown away

Have this feeling, this need to be used and abused by someone. I want to be someone's slave, preferably a woman. I want them to use me and abuse me for their own pleasure and then when they get bored with me to throw me away. I love being treated like the piece of crap that I am.

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  • I want to be used abused by not one by more than 4 guys, they soit on me force f*** me, film all this threaten me and then use me more

  • You are a submissive, and that's okay. The only issue I take with your post is that you too easily equate the joy of being treated like crap with the idea that you ARE crap. Keep the first part of that (most women will be only too happy too oblige you) and lose the last part. Enjoy.

  • Thanks, unless I really AM crap.

  • Nobody -- NOBODY -- really is crap. That obviously includes you. Ease up.

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